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Filing a Claim for Injuries in a Catastrophic Car Accident

If you’re facing these types of problem because of an injury, you have the right to hold the person who injured you legally responsible. Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. can help. Our experienced New Jersey car crash lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for clients who were seriously injured in car and truck crashes. We promise to work to get our clients the best possible compensation for their injuries — physical, financial and personal. Call us today at (609) 240-0040 to discuss your case.

New Jersey Car Accident Injury Verdicts and Settlements

  • $2.5M Settlement – Truck Crash Case
  • Arbitrator Awards $1.2 Million – Neck and Back Injuries in Car Crash
  • $1,000,000 Settlement – Man Suffers Internal Injuries After Being Crushed by Box Truck
  • $960,000 Settlement – Automobile Accident Injuries
  • $900,000 Settlement – Tow Truck Operator Receives For Injuries
  • $400,000 Settlement – Auto Accident Injuries
  • $375,000 Settlement – Intersection Accident Resulting in Bone Fracture
  • $370,000 Settlement – Pedestrian Struck By Car While Crossing Street
  • $370,000 Settlement – Car Accident Injuries
  • $225,000 Settlement – Bicyclist Injuries
  • $200,000 Settlement – Bike Car Accident

Please note that each case is unique. To learn more about what your case may be worth, please schedule a free consultation with us today. Click here for more verdicts and settlements.

Injury often results for a number of reasons, all of which contribute towards the severity of the ailment. If a person is injured in a SUV rollover accident, then the design of the vehicle can play a role in the type of injury sustained during the accident. In other words, product liability can significantly impact a car accident injury. A faulty airbag may cause facial damage if it deploys at an inopportune time or even greater damage if it fails to deploy altogether. Brakes or tires that are known to fail may place an unsuspecting motorist in a very dangerous situation, in which injuries sustained could definitely be more significant than they would have been if all parts of the automobile were properly functioning as they should be.

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Traumatic Brain Injury

Of the common types of injuries, traumatic brain injuries may be the most serious. A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is any injury to the brain that results from a sudden physical shock, like being hit by a flying object, hitting a hard object or being exposed to a blast wave. When that happens, the victim’s brain tissue may be physically bruised or torn, or the connections between brain cells may be destroyed. Either way, because brain tissue doesn’t heal like other bodily tissues, the victim loses some brain functions. In severe TBI cases, that means victims may be left with problems moving and speaking; memory loss; inability to hear or see; mental retardation; or even personality changes. They may need years of therapy to help them learn how to live independently, or even round-the-clock care.

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Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal injuries are another common and potentially serious result of a car or truck crash. The mildest and most common spinal injury is whiplash — pain in the neck and back due to a sudden trauma that whips the head around. Much more serious are injuries to the spinal cord, the thick nerve column that runs up the back. Like the brain, the spinal cord can’t heal itself, so damage to the spine results in a permanent loss of functions. Victims may be left paralyzed and without feeling below the site of the injury, on one or both sides, and may also lose bodily functions in the affected areas. Like brain injuries, spinal cord injuries leave their victims permanently disabled and in need of a lifetime of expensive medical care and household help.

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Bone Fractures

Finally, car crash victims in New Jersey also frequently sustain broken bones, along with or instead of these other injuries. Broken bones heal, but they don’t always heal correctly. Sometimes, lingering pain or a disability can stay with victims for the rest of their lives. Broken bones can also cause further damage to the body parts they surround, especially when they surround vital organs like the lungs or the brain. And of course, the time it takes to heal a fracture can keep victims disabled for months. Victims may not be able to work while they heal, or may need special accommodations just to live their normal lives.

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Burn Injury

Car accidents frequently result in severe burns, especially in rollover accidents or accidents involving defective vehicles with fuel-related problems. Because gasoline is highly flammable, victims inside a car can be engulfed in flames within minutes, leaving them with third-degree burns over large parts of their bodies. The results aren’t just disfiguring, although the pain and embarrassment of a disfiguring burn scar is bad enough. Severe burns can also threaten their victims’ lives, because skin has important functions within the body. It forms a barrier that prevents infection and it helps the body regulate important functions like bodily temperature and amount of moisture. When burns heal, victims may also find that their movement, breathing or blood supply is restricted by inflexible scar tissue.

burn injury is considered catastrophic when the damage is permanent and a significant portion of the body is affected. Not only will victims of catastrophic burn injuries suffer through expensive and painful medical procedures but they also may lose feeling and physical ability in the damaged part of their body. The emotional trauma suffered by burn victims as a result of disfigurement is also significant.

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Some accidents result in such severe damage to a body part that the only medical recourse is amputation. An amputation can be complete where the appendage is completely severed or it may be partial where some soft tissue remains at the site of the trauma. When a severed limb or finger is not preserved and attached right away, amputation may be the only option.

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Causes of NJ Car Accident Injuries

Driver inattention can lead to car accidents, which in turn can lead to injury. Cell phone usage or other activity unassociated with driving can seriously impair a driver’s ability to react, and can consequently lead to greater probability of accident and an increased likelihood of injuries being even more severe. Driver negligence can also lead to accidents that result in significant injury. For example, if a weary large truck driver decides to drive more daily hours than federal regulations mandate, then that truck driver’s negligence may play a significant role in causing a crash, and may lead to serious injury of other motorists for the simple fact that large trucks are capable of creating vast amounts of damage when involved in traffic collisions. Furthermore, motorists that choose to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are doing so with impaired judgment, therefore increasing the chance of inflicting injury upon other motorists if an accident does occur.

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The physical, emotional and social effects of these serious injuries can be bad enough. But frequently, there’s a severe financial effect as well. The cost of routine medical treatment is often too steep for working families; the cost of a serious injury or permanent disability can be devastating. The initial emergency-room treatment alone can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Months or years of therapy and treatments afterward can easily bring the total into the millions. If there’s a permanent disability, costs can continue to skyrocket for the rest of the victim’s life. And of course, a disabling injury can rob a breadwinner of his or her ability to work for the money to pay all of these bills. If insurance doesn’t or won’t cover it all, victims may find themselves scrambling just to make ends meet, or declaring bankruptcy.

If you or a loved one has suffered from severe car accident related injuries in New Jersey, contact Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. at (609) 240-0040 today for a free consultation.

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