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Compensation for Small Truck and Pickup Truck Collisions

Pickup trucks are sizeable motor vehicles that, unlike semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles, require only a noncommercial driver’s license to operate. They’re known for their carrying capability, strength, and durability, making them popular amongst employees in the construction and labor field. They’re also desired by people who want to feel safe and powerful on the road. While they are not capable of the same level of devastation as semi-trucks in an accident, they are still heavy vehicles with the potential to cause catastrophic collisions. All motorists, whether the operator of a pickup truck or other motor vehicle, should be aware of the dangers pickup trucks pose.

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The Vehicle Mismatch Issue

The height and weight differences between a pickup truck and a passenger vehicle are quite stark. A late-model pickup truck on average weighs 3,000 pounds more than the standard passenger vehicle. This equates to a tremendous amount of force that can be transferred in the event of an accident. Statistics from the Department of Transportation indicate that pickup trucks cause twice as many fatalities in crashes as passenger vehicles.

If the weight difference wasn’t enough, the height difference does even more to add to the dangers of pickup trucks. The bumper on a pickup truck is elevated compared to passenger vehicles. Bumpers are meant to collide in the event of an accident, absorbing all impact. However, a pickup truck’s bumper is more likely to crash directly into the body of a passenger vehicle, crushing metal and glass into the passenger space. Occupants of passenger vehicles involved in pickup truck crashes may suffer serious injuries, such as brain damage, internal organ damage, multiple fractures, and serious burns.

Cargo and Trailer Pickup Truck Accidents

Drivers of pickup trucks often use these vehicles to carry heavy cargo or pull trailers with sizeable loads. This introduces unique risks that are not present in passenger vehicles. Those risks include:

  • Unsecured items: Pickup truck drivers should secure the items in their pickup bed so they don’t fall off onto the road, creating a hazard for other drivers. They should also avoid vehicle overload. Heavy items can shift and cause vehicles to lose stability and drivers to lose control.
  • Trailer accident: A pickup truck driver towing a trailer must take great care to maneuver their vehicle smoothly and cautiously. Sharp and sudden turns and other jerky movements can cause the trailer to swerve or even jackknife, which can result in a serious accident.

Pickup truck drivers are responsible for keeping their cargo secure and their trailer in control. They may be held liable if their negligence of these factors leads to an accident.

Driver Overconfidence

Although pickup trucks are more durable than most other standard passenger vehicles, they are certainly not invulnerable. Yet, drivers of pickup trucks, especially teens, tend to act as if they are. According to a recent study, teens are two times as likely to experience serious crashes in a pickup truck as teens in passenger vehicles. These accidents can be attributed to aggressive and/or reckless road behavior that results from overconfidence in the pickup truck’s safety capabilities.

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