What if bikes had car horns?

Two New Jersey brothers have invented a car horn for bikes. Jonathan Lansey and his brother Andrew, who is an aeronautical engineer, grew up in Edison. The goal of their project was to give people added confidence to ride their bicycles in cities.

According to The Star-Ledger, the Lansey brothers’ new bicycle horn consists of a compact black cylinder which is attached to the bike’s tube just below the handlebar. It is just as loud as a car horn: 112 decibels. The idea is that drivers of motor vehicles are conditioned to react to a car horn even if they do not know where the horn is coming from. The loud horn helps allay concerns that bikes are difficult to see in traffic. What cannot be easily seen can now be easily heard.

The new horn will help to keep bicycle riders safe. For example, a motorist who begins to back out of his or her driveway and into the path of a bicyclist will immediately brake, and an accident in which the bike rider would receive most of the injuries could be avoided.

The brothers hope to begin shipping the new device in June, 2013. Together they have formed their own company appropriately called “Loud Bicycle.” The horn has been designed to be aerodynamic.

Donations for further development of the project can be made here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lansey/loud-bicycle-car-horns-for-cyclists, and you can even pre-order a horn. The cost of the horns will be $95 and they will come with rechargeable batteries.

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