Shocking Pedestrian Crashes Raise Serious Questions in New JerseyThere is something inherently shocking about a pedestrian accident in New Jersey, and there have been many of these incidents across the state within the past few weeks. Perhaps it is due to the fact that pedestrians are utterly defenseless against impacts, while motorists are surrounded by roll cages, airbags, and sheets of metal. Maybe pedestrian crashes are more shocking because, deep down, everyone understands that the simple act of crossing the road can be much more dangerous than any of us care to admit. Perhaps the most shocking element of these crashes, however, is the fact that many are fatal.

Three New Jersey Pedestrians Struck Within 24 Hours

On November 20, 2023, it was reported that three pedestrians had been struck by cars in three separate incidents across New Jersey – all within a 24-hour period. The first incident occurred in Bridgewater, and it ended with the death of a 77-year-old pedestrian. The woman was trying to cross the road in order to reach a bus stop when a car approached and struck her, causing fatal injuries. Around the same time, a man in Galloway was struck and killed by a pickup truck while trying to cross a road. Within the same 24-hour period, a third pedestrian was struck on Route 206 in Bordentown. It seems that this final victim survived, although very little information was released to the public. All three incidents remain under investigation by the authorities.

Pedestrian Struck and Seriously Injured While Crossing Hopewell Crosswalk

On November 19, 2023, it was reported that a pedestrian had been struck and seriously injured in Hopewell. While the circumstances surrounding the three aforementioned incidents are somewhat unclear, authorities are certain that this pedestrian was in the middle of a crosswalk when he was struck. This suggests that he had the right of way and that the driver who hit him was at fault. This driver remained at the scene of the crash and cooperated with police. The collision is still under investigation, and the police are asking any witnesses to come forward with more information.

The victim was transported to a nearby hospital with critical but stable head injuries. Due to the nature of these head injuries, his life may be changed forever. Those with head injuries typically struggle with a range of issues, including personality changes, lack of motor control, memory loss, cognitive issues, depression, and all kinds of mental health problems.

Teen Girl Struck and Killed on Garden State Parkway

On November 16th, it was reported that a 14-year-old pedestrian had been struck and killed on the Garden State Parkway. Police revealed that this was a hit-and-run, as one of the vehicles that struck her fled the scene immediately after the impact. Police say this incident occurred at around 5 AM, and it involved an unknown vehicle striking the girl. The victim was then struck by a second vehicle. While this second vehicle stopped and called the police, the first vehicle did not.

29-Year-Old Struck and Killed in Deptford

On November 13, it was reported that a 29-year-old pedestrian had been struck and killed in Deptford, Gloucester County. The incident occurred at around 5:30 AM on Central Avenue, and it is not clear whether the individual was walking on the sidewalk or attempting to cross the road. Police say that the driver remained at the scene, although it’s not clear whether any charges will be filed.

Six Serious Pedestrian Accidents Within a Week

To recap, serious pedestrian accidents occurred within a single week in New Jersey. Of these six incidents, 4 resulted in pedestrians losing their lives. A further two incidents resulted in serious injuries, with one head injury patient’s life irrevocably altered by the crash. In addition, many of the at-fault drivers chose to flee the scene instead of accepting consequences for their actions, and this adds an additional layer of concern for traffic safety advocates in New Jersey. It goes without saying that the rate of almost one serious pedestrian crash per day is far too high in New Jersey – and more must be done to ensure the safety of average people in the Garden States,

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