Motorcycle AccidentTheir vehicles aren’t inspected often and the drivers and not regularly screened for prior traffic violations or DUI convictions. Companies like Uber are able to offer cheaper rides because there is less oversight. With that freedom comes danger as well.

If you are involved in a New Jersey taxi accident, you can get compensation for your injuries from the taxi company’s insurance. Ride share companies are required by law to have a certain amount of coverage specifically for commercial vehicle collisions. The same can’t be said for Uber car accidents.

When you are riding in an Uber, you are not in a company car. You’re in the vehicle owned and operated by the driver. So, you may have to rely on the driver’s auto insurance. This can pose a problem since most personal insurance policies DO NOT cover commercial driving.

The Uber driver’s insurance may have cause to deny your claim. Uber may deny your claim as well because they consider themselves a ride-sharing company and not a taxi company. Ride-sharing companies have argued that they only provide a marketplace where drivers can offer services, they do not offer services themselves. Ride sharing companies believe they aren’t liable for the accidents their drivers cause.

This insurance gap is why rideshare companies like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar have to fight with government officials to be allowed to operate locally. Officials are troubled by the insurance issues, which are bound to surface after letting Uber operate within city limits. If you are involved in an Uber accident, you may have your claim denied from the driver’s insurance and from Uber. Unless the other driver was at fault for the crash, you may not know where to get the support you need.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Uber or another rideshare accident, you may need legal guidance. An experienced New Jersey ridesharing car accident attorney can help ensure that you’re fairly and fully compensated for your injuries, damages and losses.

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