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18 12, 2020

Top Dog Bite Injury Attorneys in New Jersey


The ASPCA estimates that there are 78 million dogs owned in the United States with about 44 percent of all family homes having dogs as pets. Every year, a percentage of these household pets will bite people and inflict serious [...]

Top Dog Bite Injury Attorneys in New Jersey2023-06-09T09:02:43-07:00
13 10, 2016

What You Need to Prove a Dog Bite Case in New Jersey


If you were bitten by a dog, you may feel confused about what to do next. Dog bites are painful, inconvenient, and if the dog has not been vaccinated for rabies, potentially deadly. After you are bitten by a dog, [...]

What You Need to Prove a Dog Bite Case in New Jersey2016-10-13T14:33:06-07:00
6 10, 2016

Why You Need Help Proving a Dog Bite Case


The United States is certainly a nation of dog lovers, with more than 78 million canine pets throughout the country. Though numerous studies have shown that having a dog as a pet is beneficial to the physical and emotional health [...]

Why You Need Help Proving a Dog Bite Case2023-05-08T07:07:44-07:00
26 09, 2016

Dog Bites and Dog Park Liability


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that each year, more than 4.7 million dog bite incidents occur throughout the nation. 386,000 of these incidents will lead to hospital visits. Like the majority of U.S. states, New Jersey [...]

Dog Bites and Dog Park Liability2016-09-26T10:35:25-07:00
16 09, 2016

New Jersey Dog Bite Injuries


Families across the state of New Jersey enjoy the company of their dogs. People get dogs for a number of reasons including companionship and protection. Unfortunately, dogs bred specifically for protection are known to attack people. Attacks often occur when [...]

New Jersey Dog Bite Injuries2023-05-08T09:31:16-07:00
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