Suing for Injuries Caused by Refrigerators in New JerseyInjuries caused by refrigerators might be more common than many people realize. The truth is that there are many ways in which a refrigerator can cause harm to the average New Jersey citizen, and defective fridges are sold to customers all the time. But what exactly goes wrong when a fridge causes an injury? How can such a seemingly innocent item cause such catastrophic injuries?

If you have suffered injuries due to a defective fridge, you probably already know the answers to these questions. If so, your main priority is not figuring out why your injury occurred but rather how to get compensated. How can you successfully sue a fridge manufacturer in New Jersey and seek justice for everything you have been forced to endure?

How Can a Refrigerator Cause Injuries in New Jersey?

Refrigerators can cause injuries in a number of different ways. One of the most obvious risks involves a fridge tipping over and falling on a victim. In 2022, former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo apparently saved her younger sister from a falling fridge, allegedly running over and holding the fridge upright before it could crush her sibling. Sometimes, fridges are built with certain defects that make them more prone to tipping over.

Another potential issue involves leakage. Some refrigerator manufacturers have been accused of selling leaky fridges, and these appliances can cause a range of issues for homeowners. Aside from the obvious damage to the surrounding area, the leaks can pose a slipping hazard for innocent victims. Consumers may slip on the leaking liquid and suffer serious, life-altering injuries as a result. A few notable fridge manufacturers are currently being sued for defects like this.

Fridges can also cause fires. Back in October of 2022, it was reported that a number of companies were being sued for selling a faulty fridge that apparently caused a fire in Pennsylvania. It is not difficult to figure out how this happened. Faulty wiring and electric circuitry can easily lead to fires – especially when you consider that fridges also contain considerable amounts of water. This particular lawsuit did not involve any injuries (only property damage), but the potential for serious bodily harm is certainly possible.

Another potential injury hazard involves the doors of various fridges. Back in June of 2022, the CPSC reported that a number of fridges had been recalled due to defective door hinges. The organization stated that the French door design was flawed, leading the hinge to break in certain cases. This then caused the door to detach, potentially causing injuries to the user. The CPSC also reported a total of 139 instances of detached doors. Five of these incidents led to injuries, including foot lacerations and bruises.

How Can I Sue for a Defective Fridge?

 When you sue a manufacturer or designer for injuries caused by a defective fridge, it is called “product liability.” Product liability falls under the same general classification as a “personal injury lawsuit,” and these lawsuits allow injured victims to hold negligent parties accountable for causing damages.

Product liability lawsuits allow plaintiffs to hold companies accountable for manufacturing defects, design defects, or marketing negligence. Manufacturing defects occur during the actual construction of the product. For example, a fridge might leave the factory without an intended part that stops leakage or fires. On the other hand, a design defect involves an error in the actual “conceptualization” of the product. For example, the people who designed the fridge might have never imagined that a certain safety feature was necessary in the first place.

Marketing negligence involves the advertisements rather than the product itself. For example, a commercial might show a fridge being used in an unsafe manner, prompting customers to copy this usage and suffer injuries as a result.

Where Can I Find a Personal Injury Attorney in New Jersey?

 If you have been searching for a qualified personal injury attorney in New Jersey, look no further than Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. Whether you have been injured by a fridge or any other defective product, it is worth exploring your legal options before you pay your medical bills and missed wages out of your own pocket. A personal injury can not only provide compensation for these damages but also for non-economic damages such as emotional distress and PTSD. Negligent product manufacturers and designers must be held accountable for injuring innocent people in New Jersey. Book your consultation today to get started with an effective action plan.

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