Lyft is a convenient transportation company that provides consumers with a cheaper, and often, quicker alternative to taxicabs and other forms of public transportation. The company, which is considered the popular rival of Uber, allows those in need of transportation to book a ride using only a few pieces of information and a smartphone. Companies such as Lyft have become common these days, but unfortunately, little thought is given to accidents. What type of legal recourse will a rider have if they are injured during while using Lyft’s services?

How Does Lyft Provide Such Cheap Services?

Lyft provides rides for less than taxis, and most of the time, its services are extremely reliable and safe. However, did you know that one of the reasons Lyft is able save money is because it does not engage in the following activities?

  • Lyft does not perform comprehensive background checks on drivers.
  • The company does not have to purchase insurance to cover a passenger in the event of an accident.
  • Unlike taxis, buses, and other forms of public transportation, Lyft vehicles are not subject to inspection and regular maintenance.

All of the aforementioned facts are unsettling, and many unsuspecting riders would be shocked to find that the vehicle they are riding in is uninspected, uninsured, and its driver has not been subjected to a criminal background check. All three of these factors can cause trouble for riders. A single maintenance inspection is performed on the car when the driver is first hired, but after this initial inspection, maintenance becomes the responsibility of the driver.

Establishing Liability

Lyft does purchase insurance to protect the vehicles of its drivers, but the driver may not have an insurance policy that provides coverage for commercial vehicles. This lack of coverage can be especially problematic since Lyft is NOT registered as a commercial transportation provider. Therefore, if you are involved in an accident, and the driver’s insurance company refuses to pay, who will you be able to hold responsible? Should you hold Lyft itself or the driver of the vehicle liable? As you can see, it is best to consult a trained legal professional if you are ever involved in a Lyft accident.

We Understand the Law

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