Legal Representation for Third Degree Burn Victims

A third degree burn is the most serious type because it affects all three layers of the skin: the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer. First degree burns and second degree ones that affect only the upper portion of the dermis will usually heal on their own, but the damage third degree burns cause is permanent. For this reason, medical intervention is required in order for an individual to recover from this type of burn injury. Even with medical care, the affected area may never be completely functional again.

Some common causes of third degree burns are the following:

  • Liquid scalds (water, oil, etc.)
  • Prolonged contact with a heated object
  • Exposure to direct flame
  • Electrical burns
  • Chemical burns

The symptoms of third degree burns are quite different from first and second degree ones. Some of the main characteristics of third degree burns are the following:

  • The affected area is not painful because third degree burns destroy the nerves in the skin.
  • Third degree burns will not heal without medical treatment; doctors will need to remove the damaged and destroyed tissue.
  • Burned skin has a dry and/or leathery texture.
  • Affected skin can have a charred, black appearance or may appear extremely white compared to the surrounding skin.

While minor first and second degree burns will disrupt your life to some extent for a few days or weeks, third degree burns can easily be life-threatening. Doctors may need to perform operations, and scarring is usually permanent. In some cases, a surgeon may even need to amputate.

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