$525,000 Settlement Against Negligent Condominium Complex and Snow-Removal Company

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Icy Slip-and-Fall Hazard

The family of a deceased man accepted a settlement of $525,000 against a condominium complex and snow-removal company for a winter weather slip-and-fall accident.

The condominium complex, located in Princeton, New Jersey, argued that they had done everything that they were obligated to do by contracting with a large snow-removal company and having it come out to the complex to perform snow removal and ice treatment several hours before the fall took place.

The snow-removal company argued that it had fulfilled its obligations by sending a full crew out to the location in question and performing appropriate snow removal and applying calcium chloride to all icy areas.

Through the course of discovery, Gabriel R. Lependorf, Esq., was able to establish that both the condominium complex and the snow-removal company were negligent. It was established at the deposition of the complex’s board president that he was aware of the icy condition in the hours before the fall, yet he had failed to contact the snow-removal company to come back and treat the ice. He admitted that he could have taken this step but instead just went back into his house and read the newspaper.

The deposition testimony of the snow-removal company revealed that the crew chief had no training in snow and ice removal, didn’t understand how calcium chloride worked, and rounded up his helpers from whoever was available to work in his neighborhood.

The case settled just before a jury trial by way of mediation with a retired superior court judge.

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