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Hiring Legal Representation After Your Child Has Been Injured at School or Daycare

At Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. we believe the safety and welfare of our children while at school, daycare, or camp is of the utmost importance. We rely on these institutions to protect our children from the wide range of harm that could befall them while away from our protection. Children are bound to get hurt from time to time – it is what they do – and how they learn what not to do. But when a child is severely injured or traumatized due to the gross negligence or incompetence of a public or private entity charged with keeping them safe, the wrongful party must be held liable.

As fierce defenders of children’s rights, Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. will bring every available resource to bear on those that violate said rights. If you have a loved one who has been seriously injured while in the guaranteed care of another, give our office a call today. Don’t let those who violated your trust, and the trust of your child, avoid being given the punishment they are owed. Let us hold them accountable for their actions in a court of law, while you and your family focus on healing and moving on with your lives. Dial (609) 240-0040, or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation with a dedicated New Jersey child injury attorney.

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Proper Supervision in New Jersey

As a hired caretaker, public and private entities like schools, daycares, and camps are under a legal obligation to monitor our children at all times. However, there are a few areas within such facilities that we frequently see issues arise due to poor regulation:

Premises Liability – Lousy maintenance, lax safety protocols, and sloppy upkeep of a facility account for a large majority of the injuries we have witnessed. Children are inherently curious and will crawl, climb, jump, and explore just about every crevice of an area – completely unaware that it could be a hazard to their health. It is up to the supervising company or agency to ensure the location in which children are housed, educated, or monitored is held to the same standard of care as the people they hire.

Staff Negligence – Like the buildings they work in, staff members must be up to the task of wrangling, managing, and supervising the children in their charge. Poor hiring practices, inadequate training procedures, and overwhelming responsibilities can account for negligent behavior, but in some cases, it is simply individual laziness and disregard that leads to a child sustaining injuries.

Transportation Accidents – Traveling via bus to and from various points within a school, camp, or educational facilities makes for a much easier situation, logistically speaking. Teachers are able to bring large groups of children at one time to the location where they need to be. Unfortunately, if the driver of said transport is under-trained or ill experienced with large vehicles, such as school buses, the results can be catastrophic.

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Leading Causes of School Injuries

Children spend quite a bit of time at school and daycare, and there are many different ways they can end up getting injured in this kind of environment. Some of the most common include:

Despite the majority of incidents being unintentional, it is often determined that actions could have been taken to avoid them from happening at all. Since it is the duty of school officials to ensure the safety of the children that have been left in their care, any failure to keep them out of harm’s way may be grounds to file a claim for compensation.

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Filing a School Injury Claim

Seeking restitution from a school, daycare, or camp, whether it is public or private, can be a tricky process that requires the expertise and knowledge of a school injury lawyer. It must first be established that there was negligence, and then the responsible parties must be correctly identified. In some cases, there will be multiple claims filed against more than one party. In New Jersey, time is of the essence in proving fault, as there are limitations on most claims that require them to be submitted against a public entity within 90 days of the incident taking place.

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Accept No Substitutes

Filing a NJ personal injury lawsuit, especially for your child, can seem like a heavy burden. There are a number of factors you’ll want to consider, first and foremost being the ongoing health and happiness of your loved ones. At Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C., our NJ child daycare accident attorneys understand these considerations and are prepared to answer every question you may have concerning their legal rights or your options. Contact our office today for more information at (609) 240-0040.

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