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Children Injured Due to Ice, Slippery Floors, and Other Winter Related Activities

There are ample opportunities for children to get seriously injured in winter-related accidents. The brisk air, ice, snow, and sleet present hazardous conditions that can prove particularly dangerous for children. Besides the slippery ice on every sidewalk, there are also winter activities like as ice skating and snowboarding that are fun, but dangerous.

If your child has suffered cold weather-related injuries has a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to seek compensation for related damages, including medical expenses. The experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers at Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. can help protect your child’s rights. We can help your family pursue fair compensation for injuries, damages, and losses sustained. Call us to find out how we can help you. You can reach us at (609) 240-0040.

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Winter Dangers to Children

There are many dangers children face in extreme cold weather, just as adults do. But, adults have the skills and abilities to protect themselves. Children are more vulnerable because they don’t quite know how to take care of themselves. Here are some of the situations in which children can suffer serious or even fatal injuries in the winter:

  • Auto accidents: Car accidents are among the leading causes of death among children under the age of 12. During the cold weather, visibility may be low, roads are slick, days are shorter, and travel can be treacherous. Whether children are riding with someone, carpooling, taking the school bus, or walking or biking to and from school, they are at heightened risk for injury during the cold winter months.
  • Slip and fall accidents: The winter months increase the probability of slip and fall accidents because of snow and ice on sidewalks and walkways. It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that snow and ice is promptly removed. Schools and daycare centers also have this responsibility.
  • Sports-related injuries: Certain injuries are more common in the winter because activities such as sledding, snowboarding, or skating can lead to accidents. Emergency rooms often treat children with head and neck injuries and broken bones during the winter. Schools and caregivers should ensure that children are supervised when involved in such winter activities.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning: This is another danger children face during the winter months. More than 20,000 people are seen in emergency rooms nationwide every year because of carbon monoxide poisoning. Of those, children under the age of 4 are the most likely age group to be seen. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and highly toxic gas that is emitted from indoor charcoal grills, faulty fireplaces and chimneys, fuel burning equipment such as gas engines, gas logs and space heaters, defective water heaters or clothes dryers, and gas appliances and heaters.

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Winter Injury Liability Issues in NJ

Depending on the nature and circumstances in which your child was hurt, different parties could be held liable for the injuries and damages caused. For example, if school officials or daycare center administrators were negligent, they could be held liable. If a defective product caused the injuries, then the manufacturer of the defective product can be held accountable. If your child slipped and fell as the result of a dangerous condition, the property owner can be held liable.

The experienced NJ child injury attorneys at Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. have the knowledge and skill it takes to protect your child’s rights every step of the way. We will fight hard for your rights and work to help you get the compensation needed for your child’s medical treatment and other expenses.

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