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Motorcyclists are at risk for a wide range of injuries in collisions and other accidents while riding. Though injuries to the upper extremities, torso, and head are typically more serious and more likely to be fatal, injuries to the lower extremities are more common. Many of these injuries are unique to bikers, and we explore them below.

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If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t wait to take action. Lower extremity injuries include serious damage to the legs, pelvis, knees, thighs, feet, ankles, and hips – injuries that can have a powerful impact on your lifestyle and require lengthy and costly medical treatment to overcome. After any injury, call us at Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C., at (609) 240-0040 to discuss your case and talk about the options available to you.

  • Leg Injuries. Following a motorcycle accident, general leg injuries make up about 27% of all lower extremity injuries. Most of these are fractures to the tibia and fibula, the two bones that make up the lower leg. Since a person’s legs are exposed when riding a motorcycle, serious injuries include traumatic leg amputation and crushing, but these only account for about 3% of all leg injuries.
  • Injuries to the Pelvis. Pelvic injuries account for about 18% of lower extremity injuries. Of these, about 69% of them are some form of pelvic fracture. While the pelvis is a pretty strong bone, the force of impact during a motorcycle crash can still be sufficient to break it in either minor or very violent ways.
  • Knee Damage. About 16% of lower extremity injuries in a motorcycle accident happen to the knee or knees of a biker. About one-third of these injuries are fractures to the tibia plateau, which is the top part of the tibia bone that connects to the femur just behind the kneecap. Fracture of the kneecap itself, known as the patella, happens in about 18% of knee injury cases. Since the knee is so important for movement, these injuries can greatly impact a person’s mobility and lifestyle, and often require extensive physical therapy to overcome.
  • Thigh Injuries. Thigh injuries make up about 11% of lower extremity injuries following a motorcycle accident. Of these, the most common injury is fracture of the femur, which is the large bone within the thigh, accounting for about 94% of thigh injuries. Soft tissue injuries to the arteries and muscles in the thigh are less common but can be quite painful and dangerous.
  • Foot Injuries. Foot injuries account for only about 10% of all injuries to the lower extremities of bikers. Prominent bones in the foot, such as those along the top of the foot and down into the toes, are often injured in these types of crashes. Fractures due to being crushed by the motorcycle itself are quite common.
  • Ankle Injuries. Alongside foot injuries, ankle injuries account for another 10% of lower extremity injuries caused by motorcycle accidents. The prominent bones of the ankle are particularly vulnerable in an accident, and fractures to these make up about 90% of all ankle injuries. Some form of ankle dislocation typically occurs in the rest of these types of injuries.
  • Hip Injuries. Hip injuries are the least common lower extremity injury in a motorcycle accident, making up only about 4%. Hip dislocation is the most common type of hip injury, accounting for more than one-third of all such injuries, while fractures of the femur are also common. This indicates just how violent motorcycle crashes can be.

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