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Collision with an Overloaded Truck

Driving a big rig truck properly is a skill that takes training and time to master. One of the things that drivers need to know is how to handle the truck according to the specifics of their load. What a truck is hauling, its weight, its distribution and how it is packed into the trailer all affect the way the driver handles the load.

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NJ State Trucking Regulations

While local drivers often load their trucks themselves, long haul drivers generally just pick up a packed trailer and drive it to its destination. Since most over-the-road drivers drive 18-wheelers, they rely on those packing the shipments to load the trailers properly. This includes balancing weight distribution inside the trailer, using securement devices such as tie downs as prescribed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and ensuring the load is not too heavy. Certain types of cargo have very specific instructions for securing in or on the trailer, and these New Jersey trucking regulations must be followed to ensure the safe handling of the trailer.

Sometimes, shippers put a higher price on profit than on safety and try to cram more into the space than is safe. When this happens, even an experienced driver will have a difficult time keeping the tractor-trailer under control. An overloaded truck is more difficult to stop because of the extra weight. The extra weight can also spell greater destruction in the case of a collision. In addition, an overloaded truck is also likely imbalanced and prone to rollovers and jackknifes. The extra strain put on the brakes, tires, engine and transmission can lead to failures in these systems and a subsequent loss of control.

When companies allow an overloaded truck out on the road that causes a trucking crash, there may be more than one person who contributed to the incident. The company may have had an unwritten policy allowing the practice to happen on a regular basis. The driver may have chosen to ignore safety precautions to prevent an overloaded trailer. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a truck collision that you suspect was caused by an overloaded truck, you should contact a New Jersey personal injury attorney, as you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

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