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Compensation for Accidents Involving Runaway Trailers

Truck drivers and trucking companies have a duty to keep the roads safe from the dangers of these massive vehicles and their heavy cargo. Unfortunately, drivers sometimes lose control of their trucks or just the trailer as in the case of a runaway trailer. When a runaway trailer causes a truck crash and leaves you with devastating injuries, you need a tough legal team in your corner. A NJ runaway truck accident attorney can hold accountable those responsible whether it is the trucking company, the hitch manufacturer or the driver.

Tractor-trailers, otherwise known as semis or 18-wheelers, are large trucks with two components. The tractor is the muscle of the rig, which pulls the trailer. The trailer can be loaded with many types of cargo from feather pillows, bricks, milk or even gasoline.

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Problems with Trailers

A trailer can break away from the tractor because of a problem with the hitch. This could be an improperly assembled hitch, or it could be the wrong one altogether. It may not have been designed to pull as much weight as the trailer carries or worn out to the point where it can no longer pull the weight it is meant to pull.

When a trailer is disconnected from its tractor, and therefore its driver, it is nothing more than a massive loose cannon on the road. A load of dangerous cargo such as fuel, explosives or even radioactive materials exponentially multiplies the danger. At best, a runaway trailer may fly uncontrolled off the road without hitting anyone, but it is bound to cause other drivers on the road to swerve or slam on the brakes to avoid it. This alone can cause devastating runaway trailer accidents that leave victims with major injuries.

More likely, once disconnected from the tractor, the trailer will keep careening down the road and collide with at least one vehicle. At highway speeds, this can easily turn into a fatal truck collision. Where tractor-trailers are involved, truck crashes can lead to life changing injuries such as brain trauma, dismemberment or spinal cord injury.

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