Unfortunately, New Jersey is a very densely populated state. The infrastructure that includes the roads in New Jersey is not well suited for an increase in bicycle traffic. The bike path infrastructure in the states, and in New Jersey in particular, is tiny compared with countries in Europe and many western states. Dedicated bike lanes are almost non-existent in New Jersey. This makes it especially dangerous to bike in New Jersey. Many motorists still do not respect bicyclists in their path and are reluctant to share the road as the law requires.

Social distancing directives due to the Covid 19 Virus have led to an increase in road biking nationwide. With gyms closed and people looking for different means of exercise, it is common to see dozens and dozens of bikers from early morning until dusk biking on roadways in the state of New Jersey. In addition, people concerned with virus transmission through public transportation or ride sharing transportation are taking to their bikes as way of avoiding exposure to the virus. In fact, local bike shops have seen such an uptick in business that it has actually become difficult to purchase a new bike as supply can barely keep up with demand.

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