Fall is upon us here in New Jersey. Soon, we will get to enjoy fall colors on our roadways. Of course, with the burst of color come shorter days and colder nights. Riding your bike in the fall time is not the same as riding in the summer. The dark hours are more dangerous and the weather can impact roadway conditions leading to more bike accidents. Make sure you are ready to safely ride before you hit the road.

Here are a few fall biking tips to remember:

  • Buy a new white lamp. You should have a bright headlamp installed on the front of your bike. You will need this if you ever ride at dawn, dusk or night.
  • Use flashing lights. Vehicles will have a better chance to see you in the fall if you have a blinking or flashing red light on the back of your bike.
  • Make sure you have reflectors. It’s crucial to increase your visibility as the days get shorter. You should have reflectors on your pedals and near your seat. It can also help to have reflective take on your helmet, jacket or backpack.
  • Get a biking jacket. The temperatures are going to start to drop here in New Jersey. A lightweight, wind-resistant bike jacket will help you stay warm without overheating.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. If you ride when the temperature drops below 50 degrees, switch your biking shorts to biking pants or tights.
  • Choose your gear wisely. The vents in your helmet can help keep you cool in the summer. In the fall, you’ll need something on your head under your helmet to keep the heat in. It can get tough to shift if your fingers are numb. Leave the fingerless gloves at home and pick up some full-fingered biking gloves.
  • Carefully choose your roads. Stay on well-lit roadways and routes that have bike paths and safe shoulders, just in case you have to maneuver out of traffic.

As is true no matter what time of year you ride, don’t forget to wear a helmet and obey all traffic laws. If you’re injured in a New Jersey bicycle accident, make sure you take steps to protect your rights and options. An experienced New Jersey bicycle accident lawyer may be able to help you seek and get fair compensation for all your injuries, damages and losses.

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