Even with all their helmets and protective gear, bicyclists are some of the most vulnerable riders on the road. No matter the size of the vehicle, if a bike gets into an accident with a motor vehicle, they are much more likely to be injured than the driver of the vehicle. And those injuries almost always include at least one broken bone, which can leave the driver immobile and unable to work or carry on daily activities for weeks, or even months. The most common broken bone injuries suffered in New Jersey bike accidents are:

Limbs: Life can become very difficult very quickly if you suffer from a broken limb, and arms and legs get broken so easily in a crash involving a bicycle. Breaking a limb could have you laid up for months, and unable to provide basic care for yourself such as washing, eating, and grooming.
Collarbone: Collarbones break incredibly easily in a bicycle crash, because so often the arm is put up to break the fall. The pressure from the fall then travels up the arm to the shoulder, to the collarbone, which is actually fairly weak. Some bicycle enthusiasts claim that you’re not a real cyclist until you’ve broken a collarbone, and this is certainly likely to happen in the event of an accident.
Wrist: Just like collarbones, when the arm reaches out to break a fall, everything becomes vulnerable, and the wrist is one of the first lines of defense to often break.
Feet: Feet are particularly vulnerable during a bicycle crash. Not only are there dozens of tiny bones in there that can easily be crushed, but the feet are often strapped onto bicycle pedals. This can force them to maintain a certain position, even if other bones are going the other way.
Ribs: Whether they break from a crack on hard pavement or they get handlebars pushed into them at great force, ribs can also break very easily during a New Jersey bike accident. These can be especially dangerous, as the fractured bone can then do further damage by puncturing the lung.

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