Atlantic City, New Jersey (July 16th, 2021) – The Attorney General’s Office is currently conducting an investigation of a fatal traffic accident that happened on June 18th involving a police vehicle and a cyclist in Atlantic City. The rider was seriously hurt as a result of his injuries a week later in the hospital.

The deceased victim has been identified by authorities as 63-year-old Everett Stern of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Based on preliminary investigations, An Atlantic City Police Department officer was operating a marked patrol vehicle on Arkansas Avenue. The uniformed officer was headed northbound en route to a routine call for service when the accident occurred. At the time, the officer’s vehicle had no siren or lights activated.

The accident happened around 8:30 p.m. at the intersection of Arctic Avenue and Arkansas Avenue when the victim was traveling eastbound on Arctic Avenue. The victim’s bicycle ultimately collided with the driver’s side of the police vehicle.

Following the accident, the police officer requested emergency medical attention for Mr. Stern. The victim was urgently transported to Atlanticare Regional Medical Center where he later died.

Pursuant Attorney General Directive 2019-4, there is an ongoing investigation that implements a statutory requirement when there is an incident involving a member of law enforcement and the death of a person. The directive establishes standards and procedures to conduct such investigations.

There is no further information available at this time.

Contrary to popular belief, government entities are not immune to civil claims. However, obtaining compensation from a government agency can become highly complex. For the most part, the State of New Jersey preserves the common-law theory of “sovereign immunity”, meaning companies and individuals will not be able to file a lawsuit against the public agency unless a specific exception arises.

Anytime there is an accident where a person has suffered injuries, the public agency can be sued for damages when the public entity was acting in a careless or negligent manner. Also, in order to file a claim against a government entity, it is important to observe the strict statute of limitations. The New Jersey Tort Claims Act applies to actions against government agencies and their employees.

Based on the Tort Claims Act, parties who are interested in pursuing a claim against a public agency or a public employee should do so within 90 days of the accrual of the claim. Claimants will need to provide the public agency with notice of his or her name, address, and the circumstance surrounding the incident.

Moreover, the claimant will also need to provide a general description of his or her injuries, the losses incurred, the amount of damages sought, and the name of the government agency or the employee who caused the incident. According to the New Jersey Revised Statutes §59:8-3, a failure to satisfy the aforementioned requirements will result in a complete bar to recover against the agency and its employees.

If you or someone you love has been recently injured in an accident involving a public agency or employee in New Jersey, it is important to obtain the support of an attorney who is experienced in handling these types of cases. A skilled attorney will understand what is needed to conduct a thorough investigation and advocate for the highest compensation available.

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