Hamilton Township is a great area for biking. Cyclists can find scenic trails to ride in locations such as Mercer County Park, Veterans Park, and John A. Roebling Memorial Park. However, bike crashes can and do occur in Hamilton Township, and it essential that you take the right steps to help keep you safe on every ride.

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Are Bike Crashes Common in Hamilton County?

Hamilton Township conducted a study of bicycle and pedestrian circulation in the township. By analyzing the New Jersey Department of Transportation crash records, researchers found 168 crashes in two years (including three fatal crashes), 73 of which involved bicyclists. Many of these accidents were the result of a vehicle driver error.

Priority Bicycle Network: Where Improvements Are Needed for Bicycling Safety

As a result of the above study, researchers made recommendations as to which routes or intersections in Hamilton Township need improvements to provide for safe bicycle travel. Their recommendations include restriping to provide shoulders, bike lanes, or sharrow markings (two inverted “V” shapes above a bicycle) to indicate which part of the road is for use by cyclists. The higher-risk areas for bicyclists and pedestrians include:

  • Kuser Road and Ward Avenue: Connects U.S. 130 to State Street and provides access to several schools and the Grounds for Sculpture.
  • Paxson Street: Connects Mercer County Park with Route 33 and Whitehorse Hamilton Square road; provides access to University Heights Elementary School, Mercer County Park, and Route 33 retail and commercial areas.
  • Whitehorse Hamilton Square Road and White Horse Avenue: Connects South Broad Street with Nottingham Way and provides access to Grice Middle School, Veterans Park, and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.
  • Klockner Road: Connects Hamilton Train Station to Yardville Hamilton Square Road and provides access to Veterans Park, Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, Nottingham High School North, and Steinert High School East.
  • Estates Boulevard: Connects Klockner Road and George Dye Road and provides access to Reynolds Middle School, Langtree Elementary School, Alexander Elementary School, and several smaller town parks.
  • Church Street and Yardville – Hamilton Square Road and Mercer Street and Hutchinson Road: Connects Main Street in Groveville to Robbinsville Township/Hutchinson Road and provides access to Robbinsville Township, Steinert High School East, Reynolds Middle School, and Veterans Park.

Bicycling Regulation in Hamilton, New Jersey

As covered by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJ DOT), bicycling is regulated under Title 39 of the Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulation laws. Under these regulations, cyclists must have:

  • Lights on bicycles (white in the front, red in the rear), visible at 500 feet
  • An audible signal (not a siren or whistle) that can be heard at least 100 feet away
  • Brakes that can make the wheels skid when stopping on dry, level pavement
  • Must ride on roadways as near to the right roadside as practicable
  • Must limit passengers to the number the bicycle is designed to carry (the number of seats it has)
  • May not ride with feet removed from the pedals or both hands removed from the handlebars

Tips for Safer Cycling

In addition to the state rules and regulations cyclists are required to follow, we offer the following tips for safer biking:

  • Wear a proper helmet (required by law for cyclists or passengers under 17 years of age).
  • Ride four feet away from parked cars to avoid being “doored” by an inattentive driver.
  • Do not weave between stopped vehicles. Travel in a straight line to remain visible to motorists.
  • Be attentive. Do not become distracted by your cell phone or anything else.
  • Use hand signals before turning or changing lanes.
  • Avoid road hazards such as debris, drainage grates, pavement edges, and standing water.

Get Experienced Legal Help after a Bicycle Accident

Following bicycling rules and regulations and safe biking practices can help you avoid a serious injury. However, many bicycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers who are distracted by cell phones, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, or just not paying attention to the road ahead. If the worst happened and you or a loved one was severely injured in a bicycle crash that was someone else’s fault, contact Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C., right away. Our Hamilton Township personal injury attorneys have a successful track record and more than 50 years of combined experience.

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