Let’s face it; New Jersey winters are brutal. By the beginning of December, you’re starting to wear three layers and the electric blanket is a fixture of your bedroom. So for your next winter vacation, consider planning a warm-weather trip. Even better, plan a trip where you can get outside and truly enjoy a warm climate. Bicycling tours are one of the popular ways to do just that. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, there is a cycling tour out there for you.

What Cycling Tours Bring to the Table

According to The Active Times, many cycling tours provide one upfront price that covers the entire tour, including meals, lodging, a tour guide, and some equipment. Click here for their full list of recommended tours, in locations like Chile and Italy.

Cycling tour company Global Cycling Adventures also offers tours throughout South America, including Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. These tours range from four days to 12 days and allow you to experience lakes, plains, and forests while learning about the local history from an experienced tour guide.

While international biking tours provide a unique and exciting way to see the world, before going, consider the dangers that come along with that kind of activity. Latin America biking blogger El Pedalero says that Americans should worry less about the threat of violence from drug cartels and other armed groups, animal attacks, and improper medical treatment. However, there are two dangers he wants you to be aware of.

  1. Bike Falls

The extra momentum on a touring bike can make crashing on a tour worse than on a regular bike ride. Depending on the landscape, you may also reach high speeds during a tour that you are not used to reaching on a typical bike ride.

Prevent falling injuries by checking your bike’s functionality before each ride, especially the brakes, and by always wearing a helmet. If you get into a serious accident, wearing a bicycle helmet will likely save your life. Because you are riding in unfamiliar territory, it is also important to remain alert and check for dangerous terrain, animals, people, and other distractions that could cause you to crash. By employing these simple tactics, you can reduce your likelihood of crashing your bicycle while on a tour.

  1. Bad Drivers

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death in the United States. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid that danger abroad either. Drivers who are speeding or impaired drive with no regard for pedestrians or cyclists. Unfamiliarity with the area and roads can increase this danger. To limit your interaction with bad drivers as much as possible, asks locals and other cyclists which roads are the safest. In addition, a guided tour should not take you on a ride after dark, because cars sometimes drive without their headlights on.

Cycling Tour Injuries and Liability

Like motor vehicle accidents, the location and actions of other parties involved in a bicycle accident greatly affect who is liable. For example, a guided tour that takes you into treacherous territory, a city street with dangerous potholes, and a bicycle manufacturer that produces faulty equipment could all be potentially liable if you’re injured. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy to get compensation.

Because laws vary from country to country (and even city to city), you’ll want to seek help from an experienced bicycle injury attorney who can sift through the intricacies of local laws in order to best represent you. (Local law often has the deciding vote when determining the outcome of an international dispute.) This does not mean that you cannot prove liability in a bike accident abroad. It’s just more complicated. If you are participating in a guided tour abroad with a United States-owned company, you may be able to bring a case against them in the United States. This strategy may allow you to avoid the trickiness of navigating international laws.

Are you dreaming about riding through Argentinian mountains already? Us too. So get out there and ride—just stay safe doing it! If you do need help after a bike accident, give us a call at Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. We’re not just personal injury attorneys—we’re bike addicts too! We take care of our own.

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