The snow is falling in New Jersey and most riders are putting their bikes away for the winter. In general, this is a good idea. Bikes simply aren’t designed for traveling on ice or through snow. However, there will be plenty of snowless days coming up and you may be tempted to ride. Winter riders get to enjoy much less congestion. Just make sure you remember these helpful tips before you hop on your bike in New Jersey this winter.

  • Purchase clothing that is designed specifically for winter exercise.
  • Put a wool cap on underneath your helmet. You must keep your head warm, but you don’t want to wear a hat that is so thick that it affects the way your helmet fits.
  • Get waterproof gloves that allow you to still use your shift and brake levers.Make sure your bike is ready for winter use.
  • Your chain is going to come into contact with a lot of sand, salt debris. Your gears will likely get mucked up after a week or so of riding and that muck may freeze up if you leave your bike outside.
  • Make sure your bike is relatively clean and thawed out before you ride.
  • You may want to consider a single-speed track bike or a bike with an internal geared hub that protects the shifting parts from the elements.
  • Check your tires. You want to have tires with great grip for wet surfaces and you will want them with a lower pressure than you use in the summer.
  • Get some big, fat mountain bike tires that will give you plenty of friction.Purchase some bright lights that you can use even when riding in the daytime.
  • Ride away from the curb whenever it is safe to do so because the curb is where the most snow accumulates.

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