Although many police officers in New Jersey are dedicated to upholding the law in a fair and justified manner, others use their positions of power to carry out unprovoked acts of violence against innocent civilians. Unfortunately, many of these officers get away with these offenses without as much as a slap on the wrist. In other situations, however, negligent police officers are held accountable for their misconduct. One such example was when New Jersey state troopers were recently sued by a victim who was beaten to the point of requiring surgery.

While the fact that these negligent officers are being held accountable is encouraging, it will not change the fact that the victim has suffered severe, potentially life-altering injuries. In addition, this type of justice is only possible if victims get in touch with experienced personal injury attorneys in New Jersey. Our legal professionals can help victims strive for the best possible results as they pursue not only justice, but also fair financial compensation for their damages.

The good news is that you are not alone in this fight. Our personal injury attorneys in New Jersey are available to help you right now – whether you have been injured by a negligent police officer, a drunk driver, a product manufacturer, or any other guilty party. The most important thing to remember is that you are fully within your rights to take legal action.

Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed after Man is Severely Beaten by State Troopers

 On May 19th, it was reported that a motorist was suing New Jersey State troopers for beating him so badly he required reconstructive surgery. The incident occurred when the 39-year-old victim was driving home along Route 80 in North Jersey two years prior to the lawsuit being filed. Partway through his drive, the Spanish teacher was pulled over by State Troopers. Apparently, these police officers were searching for someone who had fired a gun at another motorist from a white SUV.

Unfortunately for this victim, he was also driving a white SUV. After being pulled over, he was immediately assaulted by the troopers. One smashed his passenger window and dove headfirst into the vehicle. This trooper then pushed the victim out of his vehicle, forcing him out of the driver-side door. The troopers immediately proceeded to surround the Spanish teacher and beat him. When the dust settled, he was left with a concussion, a hemorrhage in his eye, a broken nose, and other minor injuries.

At no point did the officers inform the victim why he was being assaulted or detained.

The victim’s name was David Vitale, and he was left with PTSD after this incident. In addition, the head injuries he experienced left him with notable cognitive limitations, suggesting that brain damage had occurred. To add insult to injury, his nose was so damaged that he required reconstructive surgery.

The lawsuit has revealed a number of questionable details about the troopers’ conduct. The first and most obvious question is why they did not communicate with Vitale before they beat him. Police officers are not constitutionally required to inform suspects why they are being arrested, but it is considered “good practice.” In fact, the only time these officers communicated with the victim was to insult him using homophobic remarks. They also accused him of being associated with Antifa and throwing a gun out of his window before being pulled over.

But perhaps the most worrying detail of this encounter was the fact that the officers intentionally turned off their bodycams before assaulting Vitale – a gross violation of the body-worn camera policy set forth by the Office of the Attorney General. No drugs or firearms were found in Vitale’s possession. He was nonetheless charged with resisting arrest and aggravated assault on a police officer, which caused him to lose his job at Dover High School. Eventually, all charges against him were dropped. Vitale and his lawyers are still searching for answers – and justice.

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