Have You Been Injured in a New Jersey Bus AccidentMany people rely on public transportation, and it is often a safe and reliable way to get around. However, accidents involving transit buses in New Jersey have been occurring with increased frequency lately, and more and more people are suffering injuries as a result. Passengers on buses are vulnerable to injuries in the event of a collision because they do not wear seatbelts, and many of them are standing. This means that in the event of a roll-over accident, or even a side-impact collision, many people may lose their balance, fall, or come into contact with debris from the accident. The sheer weight of buses and their components also puts passengers at increased risk. For this reason, when buses are involved in serious accidents, the harm can be catastrophic and can leave injured passengers overwhelmed with medical bills and confused about where to look for help. For many, the only way to recover after a bus accident is by bringing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible parties.

Who is Liable for Bus Accident Injuries?

If you have been injured in a bus accident, the thing you will need to figure out is who is liable for causing the crash. If the bus driver was negligent and caused the crash, such as by speeding, driving distracted, ignoring traffic regulations, or driving under the influence, then the bus driver and their employer may be found liable for causing the accident. This means that they will be held financially responsible for any harm that occurred as a result of the accident. If you were a passenger on a public transit bus, and the driver was responsible for causing the accident, you will likely sue the city as well as any other parties who contributed to causing the accident. If you were a passenger on a private bus, such as Greyhound, you would add them as a party to your lawsuit. Additional parties might include the city if traffic signals or road conditions contributed to causing the crash or the bus or components manufacturer if a defect caused the bus to malfunction. If another driver caused the crash, they will be liable for damages and hopefully will have an insurance company where you can file a claim.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Involving NJ Transit Bus in Newark Sends Seven to Hospital

An accident occurred at the intersection of Grover Street and South Orange Avenue. The collision involved two standard passenger vehicles and a city transit bus. One of the vehicles collided with the bus and caused significant damage. As a result of the collision, five passengers from the bus, as well as the bus driver and one of the vehicle drivers, were transported to the hospital due to pain and/or injuries. Officials have not yet commented on who was responsible for causing the accident or what may have contributed to it. An investigation into the accident is ongoing.

Double-Decker Bus Accident on New Jersey Turnpike Leaves Two Dead, 24 Injured

There have been increases in commercial bus accidents as well. Just this past month, a double-decker bus collided with a truck on the off-ramp of the New Jersey turnpike, causing it to overturn. Two people were killed, and nearly 24 people were injured as a result. According to police, the bus driver lost control of the bus, causing it to collide with a pick-up truck before hitting a guardrail and overturning. In addition to the two people who died, the bus driver and several others suffered very serious injuries. Officials have not released a statement explaining what made the bus driver lose control of the bus or what factors may have contributed to causing the crash. No determination of liability has been made public at this time.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Buses are extremely heavy, often weighing as much as 30,000 pounds, and they have a high center of gravity, making them prone to tipping and flipping. Common causes of bus accidents include speeding, distracted driving, illegal lane changes, turning too fast, defective breaks and vehicle component failures, and unavoidable mistakes made by other drivers.

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