School buses carry the most important cargo imaginable: The next generation of New Jersey residents. Without our children, we have no future as a society. Despite these factors, school buses in Garden State show a worrying tendency to crash. In fact, these vehicles seem to crash with each passing week. Additional hazards include students disembarking and being struck by passing vehicles. Whether you are a parent or not, you can agree that keeping children safe should be a priority. If your child has been injured in a school bus accident, you may be considering legal action alongside a qualified New Jersey injury attorney. 

School Bus Crashes Into New Jersey Home for Second Time in Two Months

Shocking School Bus Accidents Continue in New Jersey

On January 18, 2024, it was reported that a school bus had crashed directly into someone’s house. The accident occurred in Washington Township, and it thankfully resulted in no serious injuries. Police in Warren County are concerned about the accident, however, and they have launched a full investigation. The person who drove the school bus into the house is a 76-year-old senior citizen. 

Apparently, the bus initially collided with another driver in an intersection before veering off the road and into the residence. According to police, the bus impacted the front door of the home and went straight through the wall. No one was home at the time. 

Everyone connected with this incident remains quiet. The bus company has not released an official comment, and the students seem to be avoiding any comments to the media – perhaps due to strict instructions from their school. 

This situation is eerily familiar in many ways. First, the accident was caused by a senior at the wheel. It is very common for school boards to hire elderly individuals to drive school buses, although it is not quite clear why this is the case. Although seniors are obviously valued members of our society, they tend to struggle with eyesight issues, cognitive decline, and physical limitations. One has to wonder whether these drivers should be responsible for the safety of dozens of children. 

Believe it or not, a different school bus crashed into another New Jersey home only a few months prior to this incident. In November of 2023, a school bus careened into the side of a home in Howell. In this case, a 22-year-old driver apparently fell asleep at the wheel. No children were on board at the time, but this incident highlights concerns about hiring processes among school districts. A mother and a small child were in the home at the time of the crash, and the school bus was apparently on its way to pick up the kids. Perhaps it is fortunate that the school bus crashed when it did. 

Teen Struck While Trying to Board a School Bus in Gloucester Township

While school bus drivers seem to have a worrying tendency to crash, children face other school-bus-related hazards. On January 18, it was reported that a 15-year-old girl had been struck by a passing vehicle while attempting to board a school bus in Gloucester Township. The accident occurred at around 6:30 AM, and the school bus had its flashers engaged when the child crossed the road. 

A pickup truck ignored the flashing lights, passed the school bus illegally, and struck the child. Fortunately, she survived – although she may have undergone life-saving surgical procedures. Police say that she was “seriously injured” without going into specifics. It goes without saying that passing a school bus in this manner is illegal – even if no injuries occur. The truck driver will likely face serious legal consequences for this incident. 

The family of the victim may also elect to explore options for civil action against the truck driver. Although this may never restore the teen’s health, it can provide closure and justice for the family while ensuring coverage for future and past medical procedures. 

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