Trains and buses must carry high numbers of people in order to be efficient, but this also increases the chance of serious injuries and mass-casualty events. Unfortunately, a wide range of buses and trains seem to be killing people across New Jersey at a worrying pace. One has to wonder how so many of these accidents could occur within just a few weeks – and why this is not causing more concern among state officials. Although some of these accidents seem to have barely made headlines, they will affect many injured victims for the rest of their lives. Families who have lost loved ones due to fatal bus or train accidents struggle with not only grief but also funeral expenses and future missed wages. Why are so many bus and train accidents occurring in New Jersey?

Pedestrian Struck and Killed By Transit Train in Little Silver

Trains and Buses Keep Killing People in New Jersey

On January 25, 2023, it was reported that a pedestrian had been struck and killed by a transit train in Little Silver. The accident occurred on the North Jersey Coast Line, and NJ Transit revealed almost no further information about the incident on the day of the report. They could only say that it occurred at about 5 PM and that the New Jersey Transit Police were launching an investigation. 

Pedestrian Struck and Killed By Raritan Valley Train in Fanwood

Just a few days earlier, another pedestrian lost their life after being struck and killed by a Raritan Valley train in the town of Fanwood. The accident occurred on another Thursday night – a week before the aforementioned Little Silver incident. Once again, very little additional information was revealed by NJ Transit authorities – other than the fact that no other injuries occurred. The Transit Police once again launched an official investigation into the incident – although there was no word on the results of this investigation weeks after it began. 

Senior Citizen Struck and Killed by NJ Transit Train

About three weeks prior, a third pedestrian was struck and killed by a New Jersey Transit train – this time in Union County. The victim was struck at about 5 AM near Murray Hill Station. No other injuries were reported, and the New Jersey Transit Police once again launched an official investigation into the incident. There was no further information on why the pedestrian collided with the train or how this accident occurred. 

56-Year-Old Struck and Killed by New Jersey Transit Bus

It is not only trains that are killing people in New Jersey. NJ Transit buses are also striking and killing pedestrians, and such was the case on January 10, 2024. On this day, the Gothamist reported that a 56-year-old pedestrian had lost his life after being struck by a NJ Transit bus in Fort Lee. The accident occurred at about 5 AM, and it apparently occurred immediately after the bus attempted a left-hand turn. One can only assume that the pedestrian was attempting to cross the road and that the bus driver did not see him. 

Perhaps most notably, there were inconsistent reports about what exactly happened that night. Police gave one version of the story, while transit officials provided a different report. Police in Fort Lee are investigating the incident, as are county law enforcement officials. 

Bus Accident in Lake George Causes One Death and 12 Injuries

Tour buses are also causing serious accidents. Not far from New Jersey, a tour bus rolled over near the town of Lake George on January 5 – killing one person and injuring about a dozen more. All of the occupants were traveling from Montreal, Canada. Photos from the incident show the tour bus resting on its side on the shoulder of the highway. It seems clear that the people inside were tossed around while the bus rolled over – and these types of crashes can easily lead to traumatic injuries and fatalities. 

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