Why You Need to Be Careful When Choosing Auto Accident Attorneys in New JerseyUnfortunately, not all lawyers are genuinely passionate about victims’ rights. Some see them only as a potential paycheck and nothing more. This is why it is so important to be careful when choosing your attorney after a car crash in New Jersey. If you are not careful, you could end up working with a corrupt, money-driven lawyer who is more than willing to sacrifice your well-being in the name of higher profits. But how exactly do you spot these lawyers? How can you be certain you are working with someone who has your best interests at heart?

New Jersey Man Scams Numerous Crash Victims

On April 27, it was reported that a man in New Jersey had been charged with multiple offenses after a scam involving crash victims. This individual had set up a hotline for victims to call. These victims were then sent to medical clinics owned by the defendant’s associates. The doctors then prescribed unnecessary medication, which often led to opioid addiction. The defendant then sent the victims to law firms owned by his associates, fueling a massive and fraudulent operation.

The defendant was charged with conducting a criminal enterprise, insurance fraud, dispensing a schedule II controlled substance, and more. The medical clinics in question billed insurance companies for all of these unnecessary procedures, passing the cost of their scam onto average citizens. Prior to the charges, the FBI had been investigating this criminal enterprise for years.

This story shows how easy it has become for innocent victims to fall into scams. These injured plaintiffs become targets for people who want to profit from other people’s pain without offering them anything worthwhile in return. Indeed, some of the victims emerged with worse health problems – especially those who became addicted to opioids. This is another reason to be very careful when you choose your lawyers after an accident.

How to Spot a Scam as an Accident Victim

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. After experiencing an accident, you may be approached by all kinds of people who claim to have all the answers. These people might promise you seven-figure settlements, free healthcare, and much more. Remember that a professional attorney never makes promises; instead, they give you a realistic rundown of what to expect if you file a lawsuit. Some experienced, professional lawyers may be optimistic or confident about your chances, but they will never make promises about results. This is because there is no way of knowing what might happen as you move forward with your lawsuit.

You should also be wary of people recommending legal services to you. Always ask yourself: “What’s in it for them?” Why are they recommending this particular lawyer? In this situation, there’s a good chance that the lawyer they’re recommending is paying them for referrals. Unfortunately, this is more common than many people realize. Although some lawyers are caught, many fall under the radar. This means that plaintiffs may decide to work with lawyers based on advice that is motivated purely by profit. Many people who promote certain lawyers have never worked with them in the past and have no idea of how skilled they might be. They just want an easy payday.

How to Spot a Reliable Lawyer

Reliable lawyers always respect the rule of law, and they never engage in fraud or scams. You can spot a reliable lawyer by their honesty and straightforwardness. If they think that it is not worth suing, they will tell you without trying to lead you along. Even though you might not be a legal expert, you can still use your gut feelings and instincts to spot a scammer. If something does not feel right, step away and consider working with another lawyer. You might also ask to see a lawyer’s records, including any past legal issues they might have had.

Where Can I Find an Experienced Accident Attorney in New Jersey?

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