Hamilton Township, NJ (September 29th, 2021) – According to authorities, one person was fatally wounded and thirteen others suffered injuries when a van overturned in Mercer County, New Jersey.

The deadly accident happened Wednesday around 3:30 p.m. when the vehicle transporting 14 people struck a guardrail, reentered the road, and overturned.

Based on reports, the van was headed north on I-295 near milepost 59 in Hamilton Township at the time of the accident. The driver, along with three passengers, were ejected from the vehicle. One of these victims has been identified as Daniel Del Carmen Marmol Batista, age 55, a resident from Ridgewood, New York. The second of these victims has been identified only as a 47-year-old woman. A third victim that was ejected has been identified as a 19-year-old woman. The driver is only being identified as a 33-year-old.

Batista succumbed to his injuries caused by the accident. Two of the victims who were ejected from the vehicle suffered serious injuries. The driver along with the other remaining passengers in the van sustained minor injuries.

Authorities have not released further information regarding this accident. The cause of the accident remains unknown.

Single-vehicle traffic accidents are not uncommon in the United States. Unfortunately, these types of traffic accidents lead to thousands of injuries and deaths across the nation each year.

According to data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), single-vehicle accidents that result in a vehicle careening off the road tend to lead to a high rate of serious injuries and fatalities among the vehicle occupants. Based on the data, factors such as the road’s alignment with the curve, rural roadways, speed limits, and adverse weather conditions are significant factors linked to the high risk of deadly single-vehicle run-off-road accidents.

Accidents involving passenger vans also happen frequently, placing millions of people at risk of injury or death. Additional research conducted by NHTSA has found that the risk of a rollover accident is greater when a 15-person passenger van is transporting 10 people or more. According to the agency, this happens because the vehicle’s weight increases the van’s center of gravity, thus causing it to shift rearward. When this happens the loaded van will have less resistance in a rollover and therefore becomes more difficult to maneuver in the event of an emergency.

Generally, single-vehicle accidents do not involve other drivers. In spite of this, single-vehicle accidents can still occur as a result of factors outside of the driver’s control. For instance, if the road’s design is flawed, this can result in a serious single-vehicle accident. In addition, vehicles must undergo regular maintenance to avoid potential risks. In some single-vehicle accidents, the vehicle manufacturer can be to blame if the vehicle was not assembled correctly.

Large passenger vans are often used by transportation services companies. People who drive for these companies must undergo training to ensure dangerous risks faced on the road are avoided. Unfortunately, many transportation companies fail to properly train their drivers or they fail to conduct proper background-checks; thereby, placing their passengers at risk of an accident.

Single-vehicle accidents are not always caused by driver error. Instead, when the accident is caused as a result of another’s negligence, the at-fault party can be held responsible for the victim’s injuries and associated monetary losses.

Single-vehicle accidents that result in the vehicle careening off the road can be extremely dangerous, especially when it is a rollover accident. When the accident results in serious injuries, obtaining compensation from the party responsible for causing the accident is possible. Depending on the facts of each individual case, compensation may be secured for medical expenses, loss of earning potential, amputation, disfigurement, disability, and loss of quality of life.

If you or a loved one was recently hurt in a single-vehicle accident, discussing the case with a well-established law firm is highly recommended. Single-vehicle accidents are serious accidents and the injuries caused by these accidents can be life-altering. After being injured in an accident, you may be eligible to obtain financial compensation from the party that caused your accident.

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