Winter weather can be a real pain for New Jersey residents, making the roads and highways of our state difficult to drive and, in some cases, dangerous. Residents should do everything they can to prepare their motor vehicles to avoid accidents and protect themselves and their loved ones.

Here are just a few statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration you should bear in mind this winter:

  • On average, there are over 5,748,000 vehicle crashes annually. Of those, approximately 22 percent – about 1,259,000 – are weather-related.
  • Weather-related accidents are defined as crashes that occur in adverse weather, including rain, sleet, snow, fog, severe crosswinds, or blowing snow/sand/debris, or on slick pavement caused by rain, snow, slush, or ice.
  • On average, nearly 6,000 people are killed and over 445,000 people are injured in weather-related crashes each year.

With everything going on in our busy lives, we often overlook car maintenance, especially when it’s not pressing. But a little extra effort can be worth it if it helps prevent costly accidents. And there may not be any part of our car that is more important to maintain during the cold winter months than the tires.

The following suggestions can make a world of difference.

Check Your Tire Tread

One of the most critical tests of whether your tires are winter ready is to examine the tread. If it’s worn down too far, you could be in for some trouble when the roads get slick. You should have even wear on all four tires if your wheels are properly aligned and you’ve rotated your tires regularly.

Test Your Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure might be one of the easiest fixes when it comes to weather preparation. A tire loses approximately one pound per square inch of pressure for every 10 degrees of temperature decrease. That might not sound like a big deal, but low tire pressure causes uneven wear and makes the car more difficult to handle.

Invest in Snow Tires

The best thing you can do to prepare for extreme weather is to buy snow tires. They aren’t just for mountainous areas and your car will definitely handle better with them on. You’ll also be less likely to skid or become stuck.

The sad truth is that no matter how safe you are, New Jersey car accidents happen anyway, whether it’s because of the negligence of another driver, roads that haven’t been properly maintained, or a faulty part or repair on your car. If you’ve been the victim of a car accident this winter, you need someone who can help you deal with the expenses and trauma associated with your injuries.

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