Roadside construction workers face some of the most extreme threats as they attempt to earn a living in New Jersey. While the average construction site is dangerous enough, the addition of passing cars can make this workplace even more hazardous. These hazards became clear after an elderly driver in New Jersey crashed in a roadside construction zone, killing one and injuring others. If you have suffered a New Jersey workplace injury of this nature, legal action may be possible. Book a consultation with Lependorf & Silverstein today to learn more about your options. 

Senior Hits Multiple Construction Workers on the White Horse Pike

Elderly Driver Crashes into New Jersey Construction Zone, Killing OneIn late May of 2024, The Courier Post reported that a senior had lost control of their vehicle in White Horse Pike before striking several construction workers. The workers were in the process of installing a meter pit when the senior crashed into a curb, went through a bush, and ultimately entered the construction zone. It was at this point that she struck multiple construction workers. While two of them suffered only minor injuries, a third was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Another construction worker was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene by first responders. Based on this report, it seems as if the vehicle impacted a congested crowd of construction workers. 

After striking these workers, the senior veered back onto the road and collided with two other vehicles. All of the motorists were transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. The White Horse Pike is proving to be one of the most dangerous roads in the area. 10 people died in 2023 due to accidents on the road, and this sparked a $400,000 initiative by local governments to reduce further accidents. However, numerous fatal accidents have occurred since the program was initiated. 

Roadside Workers are Incredibly Vulnerable in New Jersey

Roadside workers are more vulnerable than the majority of employees in the state. Not only do they face the various hazards of a typical construction site, but they also face dangers from passing vehicles. Many of these vehicles are operated by highly negligent individuals. 

Roadside workers often have their backs turned to passing vehicles while focusing on their duties. The workers who were struck on White Horse Pike were probably preoccupied with the meter pit, and they may not have seen the approaching vehicle until it was far too late to dive out of the way. 

What Can You Do After Being Injured in a Roadside Construction Zone?

As an injured roadside construction worker, your first instinct might be to file a workers’ compensation claim. This is certainly a positive move, and you should fill out the necessary forms and reports as soon as possible. However, it may also be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver responsible for your injuries. If a third party causes your workplace injuries, you are theoretically allowed to file a lawsuit instead of (or in addition to) a workers’ comp claim. 

This could be a beneficial move, as it allows you to pursue non-economic damages for serious injuries. Workers’ compensation claims do not provide compensation for non-economic damages. In the legal world, non-economic damages represent your psychological or emotional losses. For example, you might struggle with psychological issues after becoming disfigured in a car crash. Perhaps you lost a limb or suffered facial burns. 

Another example of non-economic damage is the loss of enjoyment of life. You might be eligible to pursue this damage if you are no longer capable of enjoying the activities you once loved. For example, you might have lost the ability to play soccer because of your spinal injury. Another more broad non-economic damage is “emotional distress.” 

If you have lost a loved one in a fatal roadside accident, speak with an experienced attorney about options like death benefits or a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Find an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in New Jersey

Although a roadside construction crash can be life-altering, injured workers may have several legal options for compensation and justice. If you are recovering from this type of accident, you may be able to cover your missed wages and medical expenses. If the person who caused the accident was a third-party motorist, you might also have the chance to pursue non-economic damages with help from a New Jersey injury lawyer. Lependorf & Silverstein can lead you through the next steps with confidence and efficiency. Reach out today to get started with an action plan

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