Examples of Driver Negligence in New JerseyNegligence can take many forms on New Jersey roads. While there is only one way to drive correctly, there are almost limitless ways in which motorists can break laws, become distracted, and operate their vehicles recklessly. Most drivers in New Jersey would be incredibly fortunate not to experience at least one of these acts of negligence. Unfortunately, many innocent New Jersey drivers experience serious injuries and life-altering consequences as a result of negligent driving.

What does negligent driving actually look like? New Jersey residents are constantly giving us examples. Some are fairly standard, while others are stranger than fiction. The moral of these stories is that you never quite know what to expect when you get behind the wheel in the Garden State. Fortunately, victims can get in touch with Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. to pursue positive results after becoming injured and incurring damages.

Man Becomes Distracted by Insect Before Causing Crash

There are many things that can distract drivers. When most people hear the phrase “distracted driving,” they typically picture someone texting or chatting on the phone. But even an insect can cause enough distraction to cause a crash. On June 12, 2023, it was reported that a man was attempting to swat an insect in the moments leading up to a crash. The 19-year-old was apparently distracted by a fly zipping around in his face.

When he tried to swat it away, he lost control of his Tesla and rear-ended another driver. Coincidentally, this driver was also 19. The distracted driver was subsequently cited for careless driving. The police stressed that when facing distractions, drivers should keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. If distractions become too intense, they say, you should pull over gradually instead of slamming on the brakes.

Underage New Jersey Drunk Driver Causes Crash

On June 12, it was reported that an 18-year-old driver from New Jersey was facing serious charges after apparently causing a crash while intoxicated. Police say that he is suspected of committing a DUI, as his SUV collided with two pickup trucks in a serious collision. The crash was so intense that the SUV spun out of control, rolled, and ended up on someone’s driveway. There were five passengers inside the SUV, one of whom was ejected as the vehicle rolled. This individual suffered serious injuries. A second passenger was also hospitalized as a result of the crash, while several others suffered minor injuries.

 Jersey City Hands Over $6.95 Million to Crash Victim

Also on June 12th, it was reported that Jersey City had agreed to settle a lawsuit against a crash victim for almost $7 million. But this victim didn’t just crash his car. When he crawled from his flaming vehicle, he was greeted by several police officers who proceeded to kick him mercilessly while he lay on the ground. Such a thing should not have been possible, but this is exactly what the victim experienced. This will be the third-most-lucrative police brutality settlement in New Jersey’s history, and more are still pending.

 The victim issued an official statement through his lawyer:

“While Miguel will forever bear the physical and emotional scars resulting from this tragic incident, we are pleased that the financial terms reached with the City will enable him to move forward with the dignity he deserves.”

 Police say that they instructed the victim to raise his arms several times while pointing their firearms at him. At this point, the victim’s body was actually on fire. Undeterred, police apparently dragged him across the pavement, kicked him, and handcuffed him. To say this was a lapse in judgment would be a bit of an understatement.

This incident shows that government agencies can also be held accountable for accidents and injuries on the road. Even if these agencies do not cause the accidents, they may exacerbate injuries and create new ones in a negligent fashion.

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