Fire-Related Accidents In New Jersey Can Lead to LawsuitsSome of the worst injuries imaginable are fire-related. Serious burns threaten lives, but they may also lead to permanent scarring that can destroy self-esteem and mental health. Burns are also notoriously painful, requiring excessive pain medication in serious cases. While some fires are unavoidable accidents or acts of nature, others are directly caused by negligence. When victims suffer injuries due to fires that should have been prevented, they may have the opportunity to sue. Many plaintiffs in New Jersey have done just that in recent years, and new fires continue to raise worrying questions across the state.

Dump Truck Causes Fatal Accident, But it Could Have Been Much Worse

 On June 1, 2023, it was reported that a teen had lost her life in Mercer County after a dump truck had smashed into a gas station. The victim apparently made an “improper left-hand turn,” according to police. Therefore, no charges were filed against the truck driver, who suffered minor injuries due to the collision.

This incident would have been much worse if the dump truck had somehow caused an explosion after hitting the gas station. If this had occurred, many people in the vicinity may have suffered serious burns, and some may have lost their lives.

Police Investigating Explosion in Lakewood

In May of 2023, police announced that they were investigating an explosion in Lakewood. Some kind of explosive object seems to have been tossed from a pickup truck, and smoke began to emit from the wooded area. Police are not ruling out the possibility of a hate crime, as this is apparently a Jewish area.

Structure Fire Causes Turmoil After I-95 Collapse

On June 12, 2023, it was reported that a structure fire was causing turmoil in New Jersey. After the I-95 collapse caused by an exploding tanker truck, commuters were diverted toward Route 1-30 in New Jersey. Unfortunately, a second set of fires broke out on this route as well, forcing motorists to be diverted once again. Fire officials stated that they were investigating the cause of this fire.

Patient Sues for Burns After Botched Surgery

Early this year, a New Jersey patient sued a surgical center in Essex County, claiming that she had suffered serious burns as a result of a botched surgery. The procedure apparently took a turn for the worse when the patient’s oxygen supply somehow ignited, causing the drapes near the surgical area to catch fire. This resulted in second and third-degree burns for the patient.

Claiming Damages for Burn Injuries

Burn injuries may result in a number of damages for suing plaintiffs:

Disfigurement – Burn victims often become disfigured. This disfigurement may be caused by facial burns or burns across the body. Serious burns can be difficult to treat, even with the most modern reconstructive surgery techniques. This may lead to not only medical expenses but also psychological and emotional issues such as low self-esteem, depression, social withdrawal, and so on. Disfigurement is serious damage that demands fair compensation.

Medical Expenses – Burns can be quite expensive to treat, and victims may find themselves receiving hospital treatment for many months. These treatments can add up quickly, and victims can receive compensation for this damage by filing an injury claim against the negligent party.

Missed Wages – Burn victims may also lose wages due to their injuries. In some cases, their former careers may be impossible. For example, an actor, TV host, or politician may find it impossible to carry on with their career after receiving serious facial burns. These losses must also be compensated after victims file injury lawsuits. In some cases, injured victims suffer permanent disabilities that prevent them from ever working again.

Emotional Distress – This is a general non-economic damage that refers to the pain, suffering, discomfort, and overall trauma of experiencing the fire itself and suffering burns. This type of damage can be quite high if the burns are serious and life-altering.

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