Highland Park Mayor Begs New Jersey Governor to Improve Safety After Tragic AccidentYet another accident on Route 27 has led a local New Jersey mayor to beg the state governor for assistance in improving traffic safety. The mayor claims that she has been requesting assistance for years, and her pleas are falling on deaf ears. Within these years, numerous people have been injured or killed in this specific area, which is obviously in dire need of improvement. New safety improvements have yet to be installed, however, and people continue to die in the process.

If you have experienced a serious car accident in New Jersey, you cannot realistically rely on the state government for assistance. The damage has already been done. Whether your accident was caused by another driver’s negligence, the lack of safe roads, or a combination of both, you deserve the right to take legal action. Doing so can provide you with compensation for medical expenses, missed wages, emotional distress, and any other damages you might have been forced to endure. Get in touch with Lependorf & Silverstein today to learn more.

Deadly Accident in Highland Park

On June 14, it was reported that a driver in Highland Park was facing multiple serious charges after causing a fiery crash that claimed the lives of two people. The charges include two counts of first-degree aggravated manslaughter and two counts of second-degree vehicular homicide. Two seniors in their 70s tragically lost their lives in the incident, which involved three separate vehicles caught in a fiery blaze.

Witnesses report hearing noises that “sounded like street racing” before a loud smash. Witnesses then ran to the intersection to find three vehicles engulfed in fire. Some report seeing the elderly victims burning inside their vehicles, while one car had been pushed onto someone’s front yard many feet away from the initial collision. Survivors were in various states of injury, and first responders worked tirelessly to save as many as they could. Despite the vivid reports from witnesses, there is very little information about what actually caused the crash. Authorities remain tight-lipped and are continuing with an investigation, but locals have heavily implied that it was caused by street racers. This is apparently a popular location for street racing, and local residents see vehicles zooming past on a regular basis.

However, it is a well-known fact that this particular intersection in Highland Park is a place of frequent accidents. While eyewitnesses were disturbed by this latest crash, no one was particularly surprised to see it unfold. Local residents are well aware of the dangerous intersection, to the point where most parents do not allow their children to walk nearby. In addition, the slew of criminal charges faced by one of the accident victims suggests that street racing or reckless driving may indeed be to blame.

This accident was particularly deadly and traumatic, but similar accidents have occurred in the past at almost exactly the same location. In 2016, a child lost their life in this intersection.

After the accident, Mayor Elsie Foster renewed calls to improve safety at the intersection. She claims that she has been requesting safety improvements for years, but points out that Governor Phillip Murphy has not taken sufficient action. There is already a 30 mph speed limit in the area, but residents are quick to point out that drivers regularly disobey this traffic law. Some believe that speed bumps could address the issue, while Mayor Foster is asking for a road diet. In an official statement, the mayor explained:

“I have been in touch with Governor Phil Murphy today and urged him to expedite our request to the NJ Department of Transportation, for a road diet of Raritan Ave. We formally made this request several years ago. Yesterday’s incident was not the first car accident in recent years on that area of the highway; we want it to be the last one.”

These simple fixes would take just weeks to complete, and lives may be saved as a result. There has been no official response from Governor Murphy as of this writing.

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