Ejection accidents are among the most dangerous that an individual can be involved in. Statistics reflect that a driver or passenger’s chances of surviving a car accident are much higher if they are not ejected from the vehicle. In the event of an ejection, the odds of a fatality occurring increase dramatically. These accidents can result in catastrophic injury and massive medical bills. This can be especially frustrating if the collision was caused by another driver’s negligence.

What is an Ejection Accident?

An ejection accident occurs when a driver or passenger is expelled or thrown from a vehicle during a collision. This can occur if the individual is not wearing a seatbelt, due to a seat belt malfunction or defect, or in a rollover accident. These accidents leave the individual vulnerable to serious injuries and often result in death. Individuals who survive an ejection may suffer a broken neck, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, lacerations and contusions, and internal injuries, along with broken and fractured bones.

Driver Ejected in Rollover Crash in Westport

If you are familiar with the intersection of the Sherman Island Connector and Post Road East in Westport, you know what a busy intersection it is. Police were flooded with 911 calls last week when a rollover crash resulted in the driver of the vehicle being entirely ejected. Police stated that there was only one vehicle involved in the accident. The vehicle that rolled over contained a driver and passenger. Both the driver and the passenger had to be transported to an area hospital for treatment of injuries. The driver of the vehicle who was ejected suffered life-threatening injuries while the passenger’s injuries were said to be comparatively minor. The police have not commented on what could have caused the vehicle to roll over and whether negligence was involved. The police also did not release the names of the individuals involved or the type of vehicle. SUVs are especially prone to rollover accidents as they have a high center of gravity, so they are vulnerable to rolling over when making turns, particularly if the vehicle is speeding. Additionally, not wearing a seatbelt increases the risk of ejections during rollover accidents. However, it is unclear whether either of those factors was involved in this case.

Motorcyclist Ejected in Atlantic City Expressway Accident

Earlier this week, a Suzuki GSXR750 motorcycle collided with the back of a Chevrolet Tahoe in Egg Harbor Township. The accident occurred around noon on Saturday and resulted in the motorcyclist being ejected from their motorcycle. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. So far, police have been unable to identify the motorcyclist and are still working to determine their identity. However, they are yet to release further details to the public. It is unclear who was at fault for the crash and whether criminal charges will be brought.

Passenger Partially Ejected from Van in Massive Route 77 Accident

A large van carrying 17 passengers was involved in a side-impact collision with a Nissan Maxima on Route 77 near Polk Lane at approximately 6:00 p.m. Witnesses said that the driver of the van ignored a stop sign and drove into the intersection, where it collided with the side of the Nissan Maxima. Upon impact, the passenger in the front seat of the van was partially ejected from the vehicle. As a result, the front-seat passenger died. The driver of the van did not suffer injuries, but the remaining 15 passengers were transported to a local hospital for treatment of injuries, as was the driver of the Nissan. The police have not commented on the accident, or whether the ejected passenger was wearing a seatbelt, but have said that the investigation into the circumstances of the crash is ongoing. It is likely that criminal charges will be brought against the driver of the van.

Man Killed After Being Ejected from ATV in Gloucester County

A 24-year-old South Jersey man was killed after being ejected from his ATV. Officers said the man was traveling in the ATV along the train tracks when he lost control of the vehicle. The man was ejected from the vehicle and was not wearing a helmet. He suffered serious injuries and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

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