The holiday season is always fraught with a higher number of car accidents in New Jersey, but this December was particularly shocking. With people heading home from Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations, and various other holiday outings, crashes are perhaps inevitable. It is no secret that many people increase their alcohol intake during this season, and this obviously leads to increased hazards on our roads. In addition, many people become crazed by holiday shopping – driving recklessly in order to race to that Boxing Day sale or the Black Friday deals. Here are some of the most shocking car accidents in New Jersey this December:

Taxi Passengers Die in Fatal New Jersey Crash

On December 10, it was reported that two taxi passengers had lost their lives after a fatal crash in Elizabeth. According to police, the taxi collided with a car that was fleeing from the police, having previously run a red light up the road. The exact circumstances of the crash are not exactly clear, and one of the people inside the second vehicle apparently fled on foot. The crash is still under investigation, and more details may emerge at a later date.

New Jersey Rocked by a December Filled With Shocking Car Accidents

Family Mourns Loved One After Fatal DUI Crash

On December 21, it was reported that the family of a deceased victim was in mourning after losing their loved one to an alleged drunk driver. The accident occurred in Penns Grove, and it apparently involved the drunk driver striking the victim while he was walking. The defendant was reportedly so drunk that he was completely unaware that he had struck a human being, and he dragged the victim’s body a quarter of a mile before coming to a stop. When police asked him to explain himself, the defendant claimed that he believed he had struck a “stick.”

According to the family of the victim, the pedestrian was on his way home after picking up groceries for his mother and siblings. After being subjected to a blood test, the defendant tested positive for alcohol levels above the legal limit. He was subsequently arrested and charged with various crimes. The family has decided to set up a GoFundMe page to cover funeral costs and other expenses – but a personal injury lawsuit may also be possible. 

Pedestrian Struck by “Multiple Vehicles” in Jersey City

One day prior, news of another pedestrian’s death broke. This time, police stated that a pedestrian had been struck numerous times by multiple vehicles in Jersey City. Apparently, she was attempting to cross a highway. Although this individual may have been crossing the road unlawfully, it is still a criminal offense to flee the scene of a crash. At least one of the drivers who struck the victim chose to do just that. 

Car Crashes into Cherry Hill Bank

On December 14, it was reported that a car had crashed into a bank in Cherry Hill. It is not clear whether the crash was an intentional effort to rob the bank or whether it was a simple case of negligent driving. Whatever the case may be, members of the public were endangered by the accident – and reports did not clarify whether anyone was injured. Needless to say, this incident resulted in serious property damage – and a floor-to-ceiling window was completely destroyed. 

Chopper 6 Crash Rocks New Jersey

For many New Jersey residents, traffic choppers provide much-needed updates – often helping to prevent further crashes by directing drivers away from congested areas. One of the most tragic traffic accidents of December for New Jersey involved one of these traffic helicopters. In December of 2023, it was reported that a Chopper 6 from Action News had crashed, killing both of its occupants. New Jersey residents were shocked to hear this news, and it reminded them that they face danger from all directions while driving. 

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