Sometimes, negligence is difficult to determine after a car accident. With so many moving vehicles, traffic signs, and split-second decisions, it might be virtually impossible to figure out who actually caused a “domino effect” car accident. In other situations, however, negligence is painfully apparent. In these accidents, the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of negligent drivers who made clear errors or engaged in willful misconduct behind the wheel. But does negligence even matter in a no-fault state like New Jersey? How can you prove that a driver’s negligence led directly to your accident? And perhaps most importantly, what kind of consequences will negligent drivers face for causing severe injuries or fatalities in New Jersey?

Driver High On Drugs Kills Nurse and Daughter in Crash

 On December 16th, it was reported that a driver was high on drugs when they crashed into another vehicle in Freehold, causing the deaths of a nurse and her daughter. The child was just three years old. The driver is being charged with two counts of second-degree vehicular homicide, one count of third-degree hindering apprehension, two counts of fourth-degree assault by auto, and one count of fourth-degree possession of a controlled substance. This is a clear example of driver negligence. The accident involved the driver leaving his lane before scraping past an SUV and striking the minivan driven by the deceased victims head-on. Aside from the two deceased victims, two other children were inside the minivan and suffered injuries that required hospitalization. The negligent driver faces decades in prison.

Driver Faces Charges After Crash Kills Passenger

 On December 12th, it was reported that a driver was facing multiple charges after causing a crash that killed one of his passengers and injured another minor passenger. The accident occurred when the driver went off the road and struck a tree. The impact killed a 20-year-old passenger in the front seat, while a juvenile passenger in the back seat without proper child safety restraints suffered minor injuries. This driver was eventually charged with driving while unlicensed and causing death, and endangering the welfare of a child.

New Jersey Woman Charged with Vehicular Homicide

 On December 7th, it was reported that a New Jersey woman was facing charges of vehicular homidice after causing the death of a man in 2020. She fled the accident scene, causing additional criminal consequences for herself. Police later determined that she was under the influence of numerous medications, making it completely unsafe for her to be behind the wheel. She initially reported that she was unsure of whether she had struck a person, blaming her ignorance and decision to flee on foggy conditions.

Driver High on Weed Kills Basketball Coach in New Jersey

 On December 5, it was reported that a man in Cherry Hill had been arrested for causing a fatal accident that claimed the life of a basketball coach in Camden County. The 21-year-old driver was apparently high on marijuana when he crashed back in June. The accident occurred when the driver lost control of his vehicle and smashed into a fire hydrant before rolling over. The basketball coach was a passenger, and he was ejected from the vehicle as it rolled, causing fatal injuries. Eventually, the driver was charged with second-degree reckless death by auto and third-degree strict liability vehicular homicide. Police also determined that the driver’s THC levels indicate that it was unsafe for him to operate a vehicle.

Does Negligence Matter in New Jersey?

 New Jersey is a no-fault state, meaning you file a claim through PIP insurance without actually holding anyone accountable for your injuries. This provides a convenient route to compensation without actually forcing you to go to court. So does this mean that negligence does not matter? Sometimes. You may still be able to sue directly depending on the severity of your injuries, so speak to your lawyer about your specific situation.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in New Jersey?

 If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in New Jersey who can help you with your car accident lawsuit, look no further than Lependorf & Silverstein. With our assistance, you can get started with an action plan geared toward your unique circumstances. During your initial consultation, we can assess your specific situation and recommend the best course of legal action. Negligent drivers should be held accountable for the injuries they cause, especially if their misconduct has led to permanent disabilities or fatalities. With our help, you can strive for justice, closure, and fair compensation. These factors can make it easier to move on with your life and cover your financial losses. Get started today to avoid issues with the statute of limitations.

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