Semi-Trucks in New Jersey are Out of ControlThe trucking industry has long been associated with safety issues. Why? Because the entire industry incentivizes rushing and completing hauls as quickly as possible. Truckers are constantly cutting corners in their attempts to make as much money as possible. This was made adamantly clear over the past few weeks in New Jersey, as numerous truck accidents have caused serious injuries for innocent motorists. Unfortunately, it is far too late for these victims to benefit from any government action regarding the safety of the trucking industry. But is it easy to recover compensation after suffering injuries in a semi-truck crash? How can you sue?

Distracted Driver Causes Semi-Truck Crash in New Jersey

In January of 2023, it was reported that a woman was facing criminal charges after allegedly causing a semi-truck crash in Monroe Township. This crash apparently resulted in the death of one individual. According to the police report, the defendant was on her phone when she drifted into the path of a semi-truck on Malaga Road. The semi-truck driver then lost control, hitting a third vehicle before careering into someone’s front lawn and hitting a tree. It was this final impact that took his life.

Dump Trucks Keep Crashing in New Jersey

In February of 2023, a dump truck crashed in Deptford, spilling chicken waste products across Route 55. Although no serious injuries were reported, the semi-truck did strike a Toyota passenger vehicle. In addition, the incident caused hours of traffic delays.

On March 10th, it was reported that a dump truck had collided with a police car in Union Township. The incident took place on I-78 during rush hour, and it caused serious traffic delays. No injuries were reported.

On March 13th, yet another dump truck crashed on Route 46. This incident took place on the Winant Avenue Bridge near Little Ferry, and it resulted in the truck spilling part of its load. There was so much debris on the road that the highway had to be shut down in both directions, causing serious delays.

Back in February of 2023, another dump truck crash was reported in Secaucus. The dump truck had apparently crashed into several utility poles, causing wires to fall across the road and sparking a major safety concern. Route 3 was shut down as a result, although no serious injuries were reported.

Tow Truck Hits Three Police Cruisers and One Ambulance

On February 25th of 2023, it was reported that at least one EMT had been injured after a semi-truck had barreled into three police cruisers and an ambulance. These vehicles were responding to an emergency on I-80 in Warren County when the semi-truck approached and failed to stop. It is not exactly clear why the trucker did not slam on the brakes in time, as the police vehicles and the ambulance had their emergency lights activated. The truck driver was given a ticket for reckless driving, and it appears that he was sober at the time. The state police vehicles were severely damaged, while an ambulance and a fire truck suffered minor damage. Thankfully, only minor injuries were reported. Police immediately stressed that the crash would remain under investigation. Shocking video footage of the incident was later released to the public.

Woman Loses Life After Being Pinned Under Semi-Truck

Back in February of 2023, it was reported that a woman from New Jersey had lost her life after being struck and pinned by a semi-truck in Texas. Although this accident did not actually take place in Texas, it shows that even if Garden State residents leave the state, they still face the danger of semi-truck accidents throughout the entire nation. This individual was apparently using a restroom underneath the cargo trailer when the driver accelerated away from a Border Patrol Checkpoint, thereby pinning and killing the victim. The DPS stated that they were going to continue to investigate the death.

Where Can I Find an Experienced Semi-Truck Accident Law Firm in New Jersey?

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