Amusement parks can be one of the biggest highlights of the summer for many. This summer New Jersey has experienced a number of amusement park accidents that were anything but fun for those involved. Those injured at amusement parks may struggle to get compensation for their injuries due to liability waivers, but they are not always a complete bar to recovery. Liability waivers will often be overturned in court if the amusement park or its employees were grossly negligent in causing a guest’s injury. An amusement park or its employees may be found grossly negligent when careless disregard for the safety or wellbeing of others was displayed. This may occur if safety precautions or warnings were blatantly ignored or if rides were handled recklessly.

Six Flags Roller Coaster Malfunction

Six Flags New Jersey made headlines again recently when its El Toro roller coaster malfunctioned, injuring 14 people who were riding it at the time. El Toro is a 19-story-high roller coaster that features a 176-foot drop at 70 miles per hour right at the beginning of the ride. Toward the end of the ride, Six Flags park officials say that the ride malfunctioned, causing 14 people on board to report back pain and injuries, with several being transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment. The park officials have not gone into detail about the incident or what exactly happened, but the ride has been closed since the event, and officials have stated that it will remain closed pending an inspection and any necessary repairs or adjustments. There have not been any updates released on the well-being or medical status of those involved, but Six Flags noted in their statement that all of the individuals were able to get off of the roller coaster without assistance. It has been reported that New Jersey state agencies are now investigating the circumstances of the roller coaster malfunction.

2-Year-Old Boy Hit by Train at Land of Make Believe

Another New Jersey amusement park and water park called Land of Make Believe is facing some real consequences after a 2-year-old boy who was visiting the park was struck by the park’s train and seriously injured. The boy’s injuries were said to be so severe that he was airlifted to a hospital and is currently listed as being in critical condition. The park has not released a statement or commented on the circumstances of the accident or what could have caused such a tragic incident to occur. It is unclear whether negligence on the part of the park or its employees played a role in causing the accident. The boy’s family has also not yet announced if they will be pursuing legal action against the park. An investigation into the incident remains open and ongoing.

Amusement Park Risks

In addition to ride malfunctions, there are plenty of other ways that people can be seriously injured at amusement parks. People on a roller coaster ride in Ohio were seriously injured when a piece of metal debris from the roller coaster came loose and flew toward them. In New Hampshire, a theme park employee fell from a roller coaster platform and suffered significant injuries. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the legal avenues available and the best course to take will change. The best way to determine how best to proceed when you have suffered an amusement park injury is to consult with a New Jersey personal injury lawyer. We can review the facts and circumstances of your case in order to determine if you will be able to overcome any liability waivers that the parks had in place and whether you are likely to succeed in court.

Damages for Amusement Park Injuries

If you suffered a serious injury due to the gross negligence of an amusement park or its employees, you are entitled to compensation which you can receive by bringing a personal injury lawsuit. This will allow you to receive compensation for all costs incurred and money lost as a result of your injuries. You will also be able to receive compensation for pain and suffering related to the accident. If you want to find out how much your personal injury claim could be worth, contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer today and schedule a consultation to get an accurate estimate.

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