There is no greater bond than the one between a parent and their child. New Jersey parents make countless sacrifices and take numerous risks every day just to assure the safety of their children. Children are full of curiosity and have an appetite for adventure, so their tendency to get bumps and bruises is ostensible. It is typical for the parents of young children to spend their days on the lookout for danger, swooping in to save the day when need be. Bringing a child to their first day of daycare is difficult for parents because it is often the first time that they are being left under the supervision of someone else for an extended period of time. Naturally, when children are left under the care of a school, camp, or daycare, it is expected that those in charge make sure no harm comes to the little ones.

There is a long list of ways an unattended child can get into an accident at daycare and get injured. Coming into contact with hazardous materials can be especially dangerous because of a child’s curious desire to put things in their mouth. Children also run the risk of getting into improperly maintained areas of the daycare center, injuring themselves trying to play with things, or falling. It is for reasons like this that it is so important for daycare centers to be properly maintained and expertly supervised.

In some cases the staff is directly responsible. A negligent or reckless supervisor could be the cause of any number of dangerous situations for children. Proper hiring, screening, and training practices must be in place to assure the safety of the kids they watch. Sometimes transportation also factors into cases like these. If the facility involved is responsible for driving the children, it is their responsibility to assure that their drivers are properly experienced and trained, and that the vehicles are always well maintained.

There are laws to make sure any facility that is responsible for watching children is fully capable to complete the task at hand. Watching and caring for children can require seemingly endless amounts of patience, energy, and dedication. Most daycare centers, schools, and camps have a staff that is passionate about working with kids. Serious injuries in facilities like this are not very common, but it does still occur. If you, or a loved one, have left your kids in the care of a facility where they suffered an injury or accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. It is always recommended that you undergo a claim like this with the help of a qualified attorney. If you have any questions about claims like this, contact Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. Our New Jersey child injury attorneys can be reached at (609) 240-0040.

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