Workplace accidents at construction sites are a frightening occurrence that can permanently impact the victims. New Jersey has stiff laws in place that protect construction workers, but many injuries still go unreported and those who suffer avoidable injuries often don’t receive the compensation they are entitled to.

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Accidents happen with too much frequency and in the worst cases can be fatal in nature. Typical accidents include falls, electrocution, being struck by an object, getting caught in or under heavy machinery, or being pinned in between two objects.

It is incumbent upon employers to conscientiously maintain a safe work environment. Property owners are responsible for ensuring the premises are safe for workers. It is the job of the general contractor to oversee subcontractors and implement adequate safety protocols. If they fail to uphold these duties, they may be found liable in an injury lawsuit.

Every worker in the State of New Jersey that suffers an injury or contracts an occupational illness while engaged in work related activities is entitled to remuneration for medical bills, temporary disability, permanent disability, or, in the worst case, death. In order to be eligible, workers must promptly inform their employer of the injury or illness.

However, in order to qualify for this coverage, the injured employee must agree not to bring a civil action against his or her employer for pain and suffering or other damages. The only exception is when it can be proven that the injury was caused by an intentional act.

The process for adjudicating workplace injury compensation can be complicated, slow, and confusing, and many injured employees and their families find navigating the system frustrating. Making matters worse, often times the employer or the insurance provider will refuse to report injuries or to provide coverage, citing some technicality.

The law in New Jersey is very clear. It is the responsibility of employers to provide and maintain a safe workplace and to do everything reasonably possible to prevent their workers from being injured. Failure to do so means they can be held responsible for your medical expenses and more.

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