Local residents are filing an online petition asking New Jersey officials to install a marked crosswalk in Lambertville, which they say is hazardous for bicyclists and pedestrians. According to The Hunterdon Democrat, residents of Lambertville want a crosswalk where the Delaware and Raritan Canal towpath intersects Bridge Street. The petition points out that other river towns with a towpath have crosswalks and yield-to-pedestrian signs, but Lambertville does not.

Bridge Street is part of Route 179, which makes the location the state’s responsibility. This area is not under the city’s jurisdiction. In response to the request, officials will have to review the history of pedestrian and bicycle accidents at that location to determine if it is in everyone’s best interest to move forward with the request.

It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that the roadways are safe. This obligation includes providing adequate locations where it safe for bicyclists and pedestrians to cross the roadway. Pedestrians and bicyclists are often forced to cross at locations that are dangerous due to reduced visibility, hazardous potholes, lack of proper lighting, and other hazards that can be mitigated.

When a New Jersey accident occurs, it is important to consider the location where it occurred. If the conditions, design, or upkeep of the roadway is a contributing factor in the crash, the governmental agency responsible for maintaining the roadway may be included in the lawsuit. However, it is important to note that proving negligence on the part of a governmental agency can be a challenging process. In some cases, governmental entities have immunity against legal action. It is critical that victims contact an experienced dangerous roadway accident lawyer in New Jersey who has successfully handled similar cases.

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