All civilized societies recognize that the elderly deserve to be protected. We lose our humanity when we start treating these seniors with disrespect, contempt, and negligence. The truth is that the senior population is probably the most vulnerable sector of our entire society. If we can’t protect those who are most vulnerable, then we have failed as a civilization. Because we are not judged on how we treat our equals, but rather by how we treat those who are weaker and less capable. The unfortunate truth is that many seniors are injured on a fairly regular basis in New Jersey. In recent weeks and months, elderly individuals have been injured in a multitude of different ways.

The good news is that if you have become injured due to someone else’s negligence, you can get in touch with a personal injury attorney to take legal action. Often, it falls upon the younger family members of injured seniors to make this happen. By getting in touch with a lawyer and exploring your legal options, you can fight for your loved one’s rights and strive for a fair settlement. You can use this financial settlement to pay for your senior’s medical expenses and emotional distress. In the case of a deceased loved one, you can also receive compensation for funeral expenses and much more.

Johnson & Johnson Sued for Defective Pelvic Mesh

Johnson & Johnson is certainly no stranger to lawsuits these days, and the latest action is related to allegedly defective pelvic mesh implants. Although the New Jersey-based company is currently preoccupied with lawsuits relating to baby powder, various medications, and the opioid crisis, it will have to make time to address this case as well. The latest victory comes out of California, where the state has ordered the company to pay penalties for deceptive marketing of its pelvic mesh implants. The penalties have been set at over $300 million.

Of course, pelvic mesh implants are commonly used by elderly women suffering from pelvic floor disorders and incontinence. Instead of helping these issues, the implants made them worse. Also known as “transvaginal mesh” implants, these products are surgically implanted through the vagina. Plaintiffs claim that these implants caused severe pain, bleeding, infections, discomfort during intercourse, and much more. Eventually, most of the victims had to have their implants surgically removed.

The lawsuit argues that Johnson & Johnson was fully aware of these risks but proceeded to deceive physicians and patients in order to sell more products. One California judge stated that J&J:

“[…]falsified or omitted the full range, severity, duration, and cause of complications associated with Ethicon’s pelvic mesh products, as well as the potential irreversibility and catastrophic consequences.” 

Nursing Home Sued After Resident Freezes to Death

While many nursing homes in New Jersey are currently dealing with lawsuits related to COVID-19 infections and deaths, there are many other examples of negligence at these facilities. One such example was highlighted when a patient was able to walk straight out of a Morris County nursing home before freezing to death in the woods. Now, his wife is suing CareOne for their role in his death. She claims that staff members failed to properly supervise her husband, allowing him to wander out of the facility in the middle of the night in freezing temperatures.

The individual then became lost in a forest before dying alone. The wife is specifically accusing the company and its staff members of violating the New Jersey Nursing Home Responsibilities and Rights of Residents Act. She also claims that the facility violated both state and federal laws in allowing her husband to come to harm. In response, CareOne claims that “exhaustive efforts” were made to find the missing patient once they realized he was gone. The man had lived in the facility for just 11 days before dying.

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