motorcycles-2456247_1920Whether you are picking out your first motorcycle or looking for a new model to take on the road after years of riding, safety should be one of the first things you consider. Here are some great features (some of them new) that you should look for in your motorcycle:

New ABS Options

Anti-lock brakes have long been a common safety feature on cars and trucks, but only recently have they been reinvented to work on motorcycles. Statistics show that motorcycles with ABS are 37% less likely to be involved in a fatal collision. While they may cost a bit more than motorcycles without anti-lock brakes, the safety they provide is well worth the investment.

Airbags and Safety Jackets

Airbags are not something you typically find on a motorcycle, but manufacturers have begun experimenting with them as an option. Ducati, in particular, recently introduced a model that includes an airbag jacket the rider can wear. Through wireless technology, when a collision is detected, the jacket deploys an airbag to protect the rider. This feature is not yet widely available, but you should look for it to become more common in the future.

Illumination for You and Other Drivers

Proper illumination is important. Make sure any ride you choose can be easily seen by other motorists. You also want a strong headlamp so that you can clearly see the road in front of you when riding at night.

Pick the Right Ride for You

Choose the right size and power to reflect your own size and experience as a biker. You want to choose a motorcycle that is not too tall, so your feet rest comfortably on the ground when at a stop (not on your tiptoes). Also make sure you can reach the handlebars comfortably and easily. If you are a new rider, consider a smaller model with a 250cc or 300cc engine, which will be easier for you to control. On the other hand, if you plan on hitting the highways around New Jersey, then you might look at a 500cc or 750cc engine to give you the power to keep up with faster traffic.

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