Back in 2014, a man was killed in a motorcycle accident in Rahway.

It was caused by one of the leading causes of motorcycle crashes in the United States: a left-hand turn.

The Dangerous Left-Hand Turn

According to an in-depth study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association in 2010, 22.2% of crashes are preceded by a “critical” left-turn event. What makes it critical? Well, turning left was the event that actually led to the crash.

Distractions, obstructed view, inadequate surveillance, and misjudging vehicle speed all factor heavily into left-hand turns that end in a collision. The rate of left-hand turn accidents were similar for both male and female drivers, though at different ages, drivers are likely to have different reasons for causing the crash, from “inattention” to “illegal maneuver.”

Motorcycle Are Most At-Risk

This highlights just how important it is for drivers of passenger vehicles to be on the lookout for motorcycles all the time.

The unfortunate fact is that when a motorcycle gets into an accident with a much larger vehicle, the motorcyclist is often left “paying the bill.” And in tragic cases, a biker may even die.

Left-turn accidents are the leading cause of motorcycle accidents. Because motorcycles are so much smaller, drivers are not accustomed to watching for them. Even when they do, they may not see the smaller-than-expected vehicle until too late.

In New Jersey, winter is still a month or two away, which means motorcycles are likely to be on the road until then.

Drivers, you need to be on constant lookout for them, especially when attempting a left turn! When you do pass a motorcycle, give that rider plenty of space to safely maneuver. And if you think you’ve already looked, look just one more time. Who knows? That could make all the difference.

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