Many motorcycle owners were dismayed by the recent news of the recall of nearly 24,000 Indian Motorcycles for what is being described as fuel leak problems that could lead to fires. The defect has been attributed to a faulty fuel rail manufactured by Polaris Industries, which has been plagued by recall issues over the past two years.

Polaris has recalled more than 252,000 vehicles of various types since 2015 for defects that have been responsible for 160 fires and at least one death. The recalls and repairs, not to mention the accidents, have angered, inconvenienced, and, in the worst cases, injured or killed Polaris customers.

Motorcycle owners are used to the hazards involved when driving motorcycles and normally take sensible precautions to avoid accidents. But when the danger comes from their own bikes because of poorly designed or manufactured components and parts, then they are at risk of suffering significant and life-altering injuries.

You may be shocked to learn that in the past five years alone, over five hundred different motorcycle models from twenty-seven brands have experienced recalls. The recalls have been for a variety of problems and, while some of them may be minor, many are for dangerous defects that pose significant safety risks to drivers, passengers, and other vehicles on the road.

According to New Jersey law, manufacturers and retailers are responsible for making sure their products are safe to use. For products that pose a safety hazard to the user, companies must provide clear warnings regarding the proper use and care of their product.

Companies are responsible for making sure consumers are aware of all of the following:

  • The proper way to use a product
  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing flaws
  • Possible hazards when the products are used in a way they aren’t intended

The most common type of product liability claim against a manufacturer is known as a strict liability claim. Such cases are different from most injury claims, in which you must prove negligence. Instead, you only need to show that the product was defective and that the defect existed prior to its release and that it was responsible for your damages.

When it comes to motorcycles, the defect or design flaw may be the fault of the motorcycle designer, the part manufacturer, or the retailer. Determining who was at fault and who should be held responsible for any damages and medical bills can be quite complicated and will probably require the dedication and resources of an experienced legal team.

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