New Jersey Motorcycle AccidentWinter weather can make motorcycle riding extremely dangerous. Even the most skilled riders can have difficulty maintaining control when the winds are strong, the roads are icy, and visibility is limited by falling snow. If you are planning on hitting the roadways with your motorcycle this winter, please ride carefully and defensively.

Here are a few safety tips to help keep you safe this winter:

  • Make sure you are properly attired. When riding in the winter, it is important to wear a number of layers, including full leg and sleeve base layers, an insulating layer of a soft warm fabric like fleece, and an outer layer that is waterproof. It is also important to have long boots and winter gloves.
  • Prepare your motorcycle for winter riding. You will need a huge windscreen and hand guards to protect you from the elements. Make sure your antifreeze is fresh and mixed properly. You should also make sure that your motorcycle’s hoses are in great shape.
  • Check your tires. Cold weather means cold tires. It is typically much more difficult to slow down in cold weather. Check the depth of your tire tread to make sure you can grip the road and accelerate and decelerate hard a few times to warm up your tires.
  • Keep your eyes on the roadway. There are many hazards, such as salt, cracks, and black ice, which can make it dangerous to drive in the winter. Wash off your bike after riding on salt to prevent rust and avoid cracks and ice while riding.
  • Increase your following distance. It is going to take you longer to stop. So make sure you leave more space between you and the car in front of you.
  • Know when to stay home. When the winds are strong and the snow is coming down, it’s best to stay off the roadway and wait for better conditions.

If you are injured in New Jersey winter weather motorcycle accident, please make sure you learn about your legal options. Financial compensation may be available for your considerable losses.

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