motorcycle-2719991_1920Riding a motorcycle with a sidecar can be a great way to share the experience with a friend, family member, or even a pet! But the use of a sidecar does introduce some new dangers and issues you need to know about in order to stay safe when going for a ride around New Jersey.

What to Do When Turning Toward the Sidecar

While making a turn, bikers compensate by leaning into the turn. With an empty sidecar, however, there is a very real danger of the sidecar tipping upward and causing a rollover. Experience teaches you how to control your speed and turning radius to make sure you never go over the tip-over point, but a certain amount of physical strength is also required. Take it slower just to be safe.

What to Do When Turning Away from the Sidecar

Turning away from the sidecar is somewhat easier, but can still be problematic. There is the chance that the sidecar can tip up from the back and cause a rollover, especially when empty. Leaning your body away from the sidecar, placing a weighted load inside it, and road experience can all help you avoid a rollover when turning in this direction.

Safety Gear and Clear Visibility

Both you and any passengers in your sidecar need to have proper safety equipment when cruising around the roads of New Jersey. This includes a helmet that is certified by the Department of Transportation, for every person on the motorcycle (or attached in a sidecar). You should also wear strong, thick clothing that can help protect you against road rash in case of an accident or tip over. Make sure your motorcycle and the sidecar are both clearly visible to other drivers on the road. Choose bright colors that do not blend in too much with scenery around you, and also turn on your lights in the evening to keep yourself visible.

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