Although many view hot coffee lawsuits with skepticism, boiling hot liquids are capable of causing legitimate injuries. Not only are these injuries incredibly painful, but they can also lead to a lifetime of disfigurement and impairment. A simple trip through a drive-thru can easily change your life forever. Whether staff spilled coffee onto your lap or they failed to properly put on the lid, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in New Jersey against the fast food chain. This is exactly what one resident of the Garden State recently decided to do. But is there any chance of success? What can you do if you were burned while visiting a restaurant in New Jersey?

New Jersey Man Blames McDonald’s Employee for Causing His Injuries

New Jersey Man Files “Hot Coffee” Lawsuit Against McDonald’s. Will He Win?A New Jersey man claims that a McDonald’s employee acted negligently when preparing his coffee. What happened in the drive-thru is not exactly clear, but the worker might have dropped or fumbled the coffee when they handed it to the plaintiff. Whatever the case may be, the plaintiff was left with burn-related injuries. He also claims that he has incurred damage to his vehicle and that he missed work as a result of the incident. 

Specifically, the plaintiff claims that the coffee was “too hot for human consumption.” This is a very specific phrase, and it is probably no coincidence that his lawyers chose these words. According to the National Coffee Association USA, coffee should be held at 180 degrees. However, the same organization warns against drinking beverages 150 degrees or higher. Another study puts the temperature even lower – suggesting that beverages should not exceed 140 degrees. This suggests that if workers hand customers coffee “fresh out of the pot,” they may be unwittingly creating a hazard. 

On a related note, various cancer organizations point out that repeatedly drinking excessively hot liquids can increase the chances of developing esophageal cancer. This is because hot liquids can destroy the inner lining of the esophagus, causing continual cellular regeneration. After years, mutations occur – and tumors may form. One has to remember that the human body did not evolve to consume hot liquids, and all liquids consumed by animals in the wild are relatively cool. 

McDonald’s Has Seen Countless Hot Coffee Lawsuits Over the Years

McDonald’s has faced numerous hot coffee lawsuits throughout the years. The first hot coffee lawsuit in the 80s forced the fast food chain to provide written warnings on each coffee cup – a trend quickly followed by other major franchises. The hot coffee lawsuits have continued, and numerous claims have been filed across New Jersey within the past few years alone. However, the success of these lawsuits has yet to be seen. 

Will This Lawsuit Succeed?

So will this man from New Jersey recover any compensation for his losses? You should know that the majority of civil lawsuits are settled out of court. A company like McDonald’s might not want to through a public trial, and plaintiffs might have their own reasons for avoiding litigation. Generally speaking, both parties tend to agree that private negotiations make more sense. This is perhaps why we have not seen any developments in the string of hot coffee lawsuits recently filed in New Jersey. These lawsuits may have been settled in private, and the plaintiffs may have agreed not to reveal any details about their compensation. 

The man who was recently injured may receive the same treatment. However, McDonald’s also has a genuine incentive to fight these cases as much as possible. If people start to think that suing the fast food titan is easy, McDonald’s might suddenly face dozens of multi-million-dollar lawsuits each month. This is a major corporation, and it can hire some of the best lawyers in the nation. This highlights the need to work with experienced personal injury lawyers if you plan to sue McDonald’s in New Jersey. 

Find an Experienced Products Liability Lawyer in New Jersey

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