Police officers in New Jersey have an important responsibility to uphold the rule of law, protect civilians, and provide a welcome resource for anyone who feels threatened. Most police officers are altruistic individuals who are genuinely passionate about doing the right thing. That being said, police officers are still human beings. And like all human beings, these law enforcement professionals are prone to all kinds of mistakes. Despite their training, they are also prone to highly emotional reactions, and sometimes their emotions can get the better of them.

These factors can lead to tragic and preventable injuries that are wholly the result of police misconduct and negligence. In some cases, victims of negligent police officers can even lose their lives. If you or someone you know has experienced a situation like this firsthand, you might be wondering whether you can sue.

If you would like to explore your legal options, it is best to get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney in New Jersey as soon as possible. Our legal professionals can assess your unique situation during a consultation. Next, we will help you devise an action plan that can generate results. Finally, you can work toward a fair, adequate financial settlement for everything you have been forced to endure.

 Two Paterson Women Sue After Being Pepper Sprayed

On June 11th of 2022, it was reported that two women were suing the Paterson Police Department for an incident that occurred back in 2020. The plaintiffs allege that they were subjected to excessive force when they were pepper sprayed by police officers making an arrest on a different individual.

Seeing this individual being arrested, the women dashed into the scene but were quickly pushed away by the officers. As they voiced their displeasure at the arrest, an officer calmly approached them while shaking a bottle of pepper spray. He then activated the pepper spray, dousing the women in the chemical aerosol before walking away. The entire incident was caught on camera thanks to surveillance footage, although part of the incident was blocked by a bush.

The women claim that the pepper spray was completely unnecessary, as they were backing away from the officer with their hands raised when he discharged the non-lethal weapon. On the other hand, the police argue that this was a textbook case of obstruction and disorderly conduct, and that the actions of the officer in no way represent excessive force.

Family Wins $425,000 in Wrongful Death Suit Against Paterson Police Force

 On Jan 13th of 2022, it was reported that a family had won a settlement of $425,000 in a wrongful death lawsuit against the Paterson Police Force. The lawsuit stemmed from an incident back in 2012 involving the shooting death of a man with mental health issues and epilepsy. The children of this individual called 9-11 because he had locked himself in a room without access to his medication.

When the police arrived, however, it quickly became obvious that they were going to do more harm than good. It is not quite clear what happened after they kicked down the door to his room, but the end result was that lay dead from several gunshot wounds. Police initially claimed that he was holding a hammer and charging at the officers when he was shot. The children, on the other hand, claim that he had dropped the hammer before the shots were fired.

Initially, the prosecutor’s office came to the conclusion that the shooting was justified. However, the family continued to appeal the decision in court, eventually showing that the police department’s own policy stated that a crisis negotiator should have been called in before officers kicked down the door.

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