It is relatively common for work-related accidents to involve temporary employees. Many temp workers are required to work long hours in positions for which they are not fully qualified. Earlier in 2013, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced an initiative to put more focus on the responsibility of employers to protect temporary workers on the job.

In April 2013, OSHA reported that about 12 percent of the 4,693 fatal work injuries that occurred in 2011 involved contractors or temp workers. Temporary workers may not have the same types of benefits that full-time workers have, but they do have legal rights. Some injured temporary workers are even able to pursue financial compensation for their medical bills and lost wages. The family of an individual who has been killed while working as a contractor may be able to seek support for their losses as well.

Dependents of a temporary worker who is killed in a work-related accident may be eligible for death benefits. The weekly benefits payments are typically about 70 percent of the weekly wage of the deceased worker. The amount of compensation made available through death benefits depends on the amount of surviving dependents and the extent of their dependency.

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